Alessandro Patrizi
The Association Veni Vidi Visit offer Free Rome Walking Tour
as a great way to discover Rome city center off the most beaten path.

Alessandro Patrizi:

"I’ve been passioned with tourguiding since when, at the age of 7, i started taking tourists around the village where we used to spend the summer.
I have two degrees in medieval and modern history and i cultivate a passion for speleoarcheology.
Between 2007 and 2012 I’ve been organizing tours, trips and journeys around Italy for exchange university students from all over the world.
I also have a great passion for nature, food and farming; I’m myself an olive oil producer, a food expert and an olive oil sommelier."

Laura Antonucci:

I’ve studied architecture, spent here all my life and I always had a huge passion and love for Rome. I’ve read hundreds of books about its history, legends, artworks, urban development and city evolution. I’ve also a huge collection of old pictures of Rome and I love to show them during my tours. I’ve worked as an official guide in Ostia Antica, as a Private tourist driver and also took part to a some European Comenius school exchange programs. I’m always really happy to show around the city to students and foreigners and make them feel and live the true Roman history.