Happy Birthday Garbatella: a week of events for the 95 years of the district

Gargatella_Effige_quartire-RomaThe historic district of Garbatella, the so-called “City Garden” in February 18, 2015 celebrates its first 95 years. In the district has already begun to celebrate through a full program of events, given the nature of the popular district all appointments will be free. There will be prizes, exhibitions and musicals and concerts, all organized by neighborhood associations.

The idea to celebrate the birth of the district created in 1920 by Mussolini, was founded about 16 years ago, namely in 1999, and now is an appointment of the district, and over the years the festival has become a city event and thanks to the contribution of the association “Tempo Ritrovato“.

The week of events will end the popular Palladium Theater where we will have the opening of the exhibition “Antique Radio” and the musical comedy, “On the waves of the radio: a story many voices” by the Association I.T.A.C.A (http://www.buoncompleannogarbatella.it/)

The “Garden Cityborn from an  architecturalphilosophy idea that promotes housing in a community integrated context. The Garbatella is a district created to house people displaced following the demolition took by Benito Mussolino in Rome, such as the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth ) and Via della Conciliazione a San Pietro (way of conciliation). The neighborhood, then away from the city, has given birth to various artistic and cultural personalities such as Roman  Maurizio Arena, Valerio Mastandrea, passing by Enrico Montesano, Victor Cavallo, Alberto Sordi, Enzo Staiola, Tiziana Foschi to more traditional interpreter of song Roman Alvaro Amici.

The district was the muse of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Daniel Pennac, Nanni Moretti and many others.

The most illustrious and enlightened architects of fascist, including Gustavo Giovannoni, Marcello Piacentini, Del Debbio, Limongelli, Sabbatini, were inspired by the British architectural models, faithfully taking the inspiration of the dream of Owen of the “Garden City“, where Urbanism is interpreted as container contents social, demonstrating in time how true the proposition for which History is made by people and its rites, Signs and Symbols

Here is the program: The Garbatella celebrates 95 years …

18 February 1920 – 18 February 2015

95 years of extraordinary beauty …

  The Cultural Association and Sports District Garbatella on the occasion of the 95th birthday of the District Garbatella

INVITES CITIZENS TO FREE ENTRY (Info phone +39 3341166872 – www.rionegarbatella.it) to attend the presentation of the social, cultural and sporting activities in the area.

WEDNESDAY February 18, 2015

From 18 to 20 at Headquarters CNA

Viale Guglielmo Housewife 31 (Garbatella)

Homage to the history, the image and the passion of the Roman with the presentation of the book OUR WAY  History of the ring Ostiense. From Valle dell’Almone to Capitol Two Enzo Gori

Presentation of the Festival of Short Films Territorial Garbatella

– “TASTING polite 2015.”
Tasting sessions to promote nutrition education and undertake communication activities and information concerning the quality of agricultural products, agri-food and fisheries.

Presentation of the 24th edition of the footrace most beautiful and original ROME Share

Approach to Sport less known in the area.

Presentation of the calendar of guided tours of the Garden city of Garbatella and “Courses” Diction, Singing and Photography organized by the Cultural and Sports District Garbatella


Proposal for a convention for the visits of Sports Medicine and the physiotherapy treatments reserved exclusively to members of the District Garbatella


February 18, 2015 at 11 am
Piazza Benedetto Brin
Band concert of the Local Police Roma Capitale

February 18 ,12 am
Piazza Benedetto Brin
The Oral History becomes fairy tale recounts the origins of the Garbatella district in fairy tale
Organised by The Tempo Ritrovato

 February 18, 16 hours
Elderly Community Centre Pullino
Via G. Pullino 95
Award Nonna Garbatella, Prize dedicated to the grandmothers of the neighborhood.
Celebrations and live music By MOICA Onlus (Italian movement housewives)

 February 20 at 17
Oratory San Filippo Neri
Via Delle sette Chieses, 101
Memories in the drawer, Photo exhibition dedicated to one of the oldest football clubs Roman Astro
The exhibition will be open until 22 February.
Organized by the Cultural ITACA

 February 22 at 11 am
Palladium Theatre
Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8
Exhibition of antique radios and presentation of a new prototype of musical instrument
Organized by the ITACA

 February 22, 17:30
On the waves of the radio. A story so many voices
Musical Comedy Organised by ITACA

 All events are free admission and free


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