Albadoro Gala is the creator and artistic director of the #CaputMundiIBA together with the creative director Silvio Cossi of SDC Service. This year the presence of the festival is inside the Gay Village, the summer festival of the Roman rainbow.

“Burlesque is freedom, above all it is free sexuality.” Albadoro Gala

The greatest exponents of this artistic discipline have their own tastes clear: to feel free, you need to have no limits. In practice, the genderfluid concept has long been a good use and custom of the colorful burlesque world that this year, for the first time, finds a home in the Gay Village.

Often icons for many, especially for many drag queens that recognize in them the spirit of undisputed divas and their great fluidity of gender, on 15, 16 and 17 June 2018 at the Gay Village come the new divas or aspiring such …

In the second weekend of the village will be on stage the II Caput Mundi Summer Edition, the competition for young burlesquer and boylesquer who will be the finalists of the next sixth edition of the great winter event Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award, an event that for some years is a reference sector and above all pride for Made in Italy in the world.


Godmother of exception will be Eva Grimaldi, landlady and undisputed symbol of femininity.

There are 14 young competitions in the evenings of Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June 2018, which will be judged by special guests Chris Oh!

From Australia, the English artist Amber Topaz, the living legend of the international burlesque, the Italians known in the world Genny Mirtillo, Nuit Blanche, Scarlett Martini, Giuditta Sin and Paolo Bianchi author of Italian Erotic Lounge, with the conducting of Fanny D’Amour together with Jesus on Fridays, and the multifaceted Marty Maraschino and the unbelieving Azzurro Fumo on Saturday.

On Sunday, June 17, 2018 will give space to the mercartino and training, with the Bazar Mundi, the Vintage Market sector, with retro proposals available on the market stalls for all lovers of corsets, dressing gowns, tassels and clothing and vintage items .

The exhibition will be followed by the exhibition of 7 Italian burlesque schools, including the Roman Gala Studio of Albadoro Gala, The Sinsisters Burlesque School, Les Coquettes, Rome Burlesque School and Burlesque Mon Amour, followed by the Naples Burlesque Cabaret Naples and the catanese Burlesque & ArtFusion.


Gay Village 2018
Città dell’Altra Economia – Testaccio
Largo Dino Frisullo
00153 Rome ITALY
Tel: +39 3500723346
Email: web@gayvillage.it


To conclude, follow the vintage DJ set that closes the 3 days of burlesque follies of this Roman summer 2018.

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