Once upon a time the Cinema America, now replaced by the screens in the street. Protest continues to reopen the places socio-cultural abandoned

fantasmi urbani roma chair_sedie_cinemaThere was once a capital city with many places where movies were screened and it was cinema. Where they are gone these spaces? Today they are abandoned and have been called “Urban Ghosts“. These spectra concrete scattered in the city have become the stars of a documentary film based on the video-surveys of abandoned cinemas in Rome created by students of the first year of the degree course in “Management of the Building Process” of the Faculty of Architecture of Wisdom.

To deal with is a search which heads the blog http://cineabbandonati.blogspot.it
where are “mapped” the cinemas of Rome “an example of the most obvious of a progressive – but in recent years more and more extended – urban phenomenon of loss / degradation of garrisons socio-cultural society (which often also evidence of value historical and architectural), often accompanied by financial and real estate speculation. ”

Among these places there is also the place in via Natale del Grande in Trastevere former Cinema America, which started the occupation (from 2012) of the boys who were later joined in partnership Piccolo Cinema America.

After the occupation and lengthy negotiations by a year now the boys of America Cinema (today Piccolo Cinema America) have decided to continue their battle involving the district and all those who love good cinema with screenings in the street. The first was in the square Piazza San Calisto, then followed by additional film on the former Metropolitan, on the walls of Troisi and the Empire, by the same roof Film America, on the Missouri, on the Tiber Island, from the steps of the faculty Engineering of Wisdom of St. Peter in Vincoli, and finally on May 16 will be moved to Castel Sant’Angelo. The castle walls screening of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show“.

castle santangeloSo came to the ninth screening initiative of the Piccolo Cinema America offering “screens Pirate” along the streets of Rome to advance the application of the reopening of abandoned cinemas in the capital, and re-appropriating all those places where once culture social and cultural development was a priority. To support them and to know their whole story visit:https://americaoccupato.org

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