Mille-Miglia_2015_auto-storiche_1000-miglia“Mille Miglia is so much more than race cars, drivers, winners, and losers. Mille Miglia is a part of Italian life…”
Denis Jenkinson

Although written seventy years ago, this sentence by the English journalist winner of the 1955 Mille Miglia, is still current.

In keeping with tradition, the 33rd nostalgia edition of the Mille Miglia race is scheduled in Rome on 2015 May 15th Friday, with arrival time expected at Castel Sant’Angelo around 8.30pm.

As always, this will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to best savour the best of Italian hospitality, through artistic masterpieces and natural scenery of extraordinary beauty, all enriched by the passing of 430 vintage cars along side Italy beetween Thursday May 14th starting off in Brescia and ending on Sunday back in Brescia 1,760km later.
Saturday 16th, the course will remain virtually unchanged from Rome to Tuscany, with the usual transits, so loved by competitors, through Ronciglione, Viterbo, Radicofani, and Siena. The rest stop will take place for the first time in Cascina; after Pisa and Lucca, the competing cars will cross the Abetone Pass, returning to flat ground all the way to Reggio Emilia.

The logistical and organizational aspects of an event as such are always quite complex, next to the car units number in motion by Mille Miglia, about 1,600 persons between participants and team members.
It is a passage that offers a spectacle of history, sport, and culture.

Registrations confirmed the recent years trend, which has exceeded all expectations despite the persisting economic crisis.

1000miglia-header_1000-m iglia_mille-miglialogoItaly continues to be the country with the highest representation, with 131 entries. Slightly declining are participations from Germany, while The United Kingdom, has held steady.

After a fervid selection work applying rigorous criteria of merit, the Selection Committee had no reservations about its list of accepted cars, whose value in terms of quality, collector’s interest, and sporting merits is quite high. Of these, 67 are models that took part in at least one Mille Miglia racing edition, from 1927 to 1957!

To expand the historical value of a fleet of vehicles that no vintage car event can boast of, this year it was decided to accept in addition 9 models by Italian Army, in the special “military” category.

Among the many reasons why Mille Miglia is without compare for refinement, exclusivity and prestige, there is that of being the rarest travelling museum of automobile history. Once a year, treasures of inestimable international motor sports converge.
Participant cars, including models from the museums of carmakers belong to 61 different brands: the lion’s share goes to Mercedes-Benz and Alfa Romeo with 38 cars, followed by Jaguar, FIAT, Lancia and finally Porsche, Aston Martin with 29 units, Bugatti with 22, last but not least Ferrari and Austin Healey.

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