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Cowo360_CREATIVITY-DAYCreativity Day 2015 is a day of meetings and workshops dedicated to all those who work in the field of digital communication in all its forms, to those who are simply passionate or took his first steps into the world of work.
For the fifteenth edition, the Capitoline stage, Monday, May 25, will be housed in an extraordinary location, the Roman Aquarium (Piazza M. Fanti, 47 – not far from Termini Station).
Some interesting news characterize the Creativity Day this year: the creation of a new narrative format and, by popular demand, the number of stages increased from 3 to 5 (in addition to Rome, Milan and Reggio Emilia, alsoTrento and Bari).

CREATIVITY DAY_cowo360_roma-coworkingBy participating in Creativity day for the whole day you can attend conferences and lessons for the advancement of knowledge in the workplace, in a dynamic and informal context in which there will certainly be moments of networking with other participants and teachers, new opportunities for collaboration and business.
During this day in Rome few topics will be faced: keynote, social web and web marketing, content distribution, digital video / storytelling, illustration, user experience design, web development and mobile design and 3D printing.
The speakers of the different lessons are all experts with great practise; they have created start-up  on their own, set up projects, agencies and FabLab. They have experience and want to communicate with those who share the same passions and professions.

CREATIVITY-DAY_cday2015Creativity Day is organized by Inside Training, professional training center based in Milan, Rome and Reggio Emilia, which offers companies and professionals the opportunity to
a continuously updated, taking advantage of the potential of new technologies, also in communication.
Since 2000 Creativity Day has become a connectiont for creatives, designers, developers and mobile web, graphic designers, photographers, bloggers, startupper, communicators and marketing experts.
Not only lessons and insights, but also the opportunity to meet professionals, exchange ideas and opinions about the proposed work. Because the important thing is not only to have an idea, but to share it them with others: this can make a difference and creates a breeding ground for new projects.

The other appointements of Creativity Day 2015:
Bari (11/06), Trento (01/07), Reggio Emilia (30/09) and Milan (date to define)


Creativity Day
Monday, May 25, 2015 10: 00/19: 30
c / o Roman Aquarium
Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47-00185 Rome

how to achieve it:
Metro A and B (Termini)
70/71 bus stop Turati / Fanti


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