For multiple generations of Italians, the master of Italian National swimming.

A Dad for many, who also taught his own daughters and his own grandchildren, to win.

Costantino Bubi Dennerlein born 1932, taught an entire Country to swim, and to win.

Now he has bid farewell from his last challenge, to the eternal shuffling, elsewhere.

In those days from the well-known CT’s passing here in Rome, the best and most valuable lines have been quoted and have been written.

We would like to share his national value with the English-speaking community here in Rome, or at any rate foreign visiting public of our Country, all considered Costantino Dennerlein also was born of foreign parents in Italy, his Romanian mother Leonia, his German father Georg and, as son of the NAPOLI waters where among the pebbles of Riva di Portici he began his dialogue with waters.

The Bio-mechanical engineer of Swimming.

An innovator of training methodologies with the introduction of the interval training and those first techniques or methods derived from bio-mechanics, he was one amongst the absolute greatest technicians.

Together with his brother “Fritz” Federico Dennerlein, they were “the most distinguished Italian swimming and water polo in the 20th century.”

He represented the encounter of waters with land, the waters’ clash to the rocks, which had fascinated him since childhood more than any children’s game.

Childhood Home – Sea of Portici (NAPOLI) were his first pool decks, those first waves to explore, the breakers to challenge, whatever the weather. The sea boy learned “to stay afloat” until later to the most exasperated world competitions.

There are people among us who blend in with their reserve and poise, they are as if lowered from above -with ropes or rather sensible ribbons-, from the Olympus.

That is how I met an outlier of excellent but discreet company, from the shrewd banter of his noble Neapolitan cadence.

All the Sons of the Sport salute you.

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by Absolutely Free, publishing house

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