Starting from 11th June 2022, the night bus service at Fiumicino airport operated by the Terravision company is active. This service aims to allow residents and tourists to reach the center of Rome at advantageous prices even after midnight without using taxi or car.

Despite the challenge represented by two years of pandemic and crisis in the tourism sector, Terravision is committed to offering travelers an increasingly rich offer, increasing the number of departures and also covering night flights arriving at Fiumicino airport operated mainly by low cost airlines.

With a ticket cost of only € 6.00 available on the website, the service guarantees 52 trips to and from Fiumicino airport every day.  In this way, the company offers the widest coverage with rides corresponding to arrival and departure times of flights, 7 days a week, and a high frequency which results in less stress and more safety for travelers as well as a positive impact on the environment with the idea of shared transport.

Terravision Group operates as a leader in the tourist transport sector, offering transfer services for passengers from the airports of major European cities to their respective city centers at competitive prices compared to traditional carriers and guaranteeing a high level of assistance always with the primary objective of maintaining an excellent relationship between quality and price. In 2002 Terravision started the first express shuttle services from airports to city centers, becoming the leader in airport transfers. It has operated in 13 European countries transporting so far 60 million passengers who have chosen Terravision because it is the most convenient transfer in terms of value for money, especially with reference to travel times. It currently offers services in Europe and is present in Italy, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Czech Republic and Iceland. Over the years Terravision has achieved important goals, becoming a landmark for millions of passengers as it offers a multilingual service that beside being the most convenient also makes everything easier for tourists.

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