Como in dance

When I arrive in Como for my photo sessions, despite the few hours available, I always have many expectations and a thousand ideas that are punctually repaid. The city center is really beautiful and full of ideas, moreover the walk along the lake is particularly suitable for romantic and creative shots.
As usual I reached Como using the train from Milan, a journey of about an hour, but quite convenient and cheap.
From the station you reach the city center very easily with a walk of about ten minutes, crossing Via Vittorio Emanuele one of my favorite streets for photographs, both for its depth and for the lights of the many shops along the way.
Few hundreds of meters and we find ourselves in front of the beautiful and white Cathedral in Piazza Duomo. Its beauty is truly remarkable in all light conditions, along the walls, but in the whole square there are many ideas for taking a beautiful photograph, for example you can also use the columns at the entrance of the Social Theater, the important theater Opera di Como, which hosted the La Scala theater in Milan for a whole season, when in 1943 it was damaged by bombing during the Second World War.
After the walk in the center you can then start towards Lake Como, considered one of the most beautiful in the world and in fact the landscape is spectacular especially in the late afternoon when towards sunset the verdant banks take on the warm and reddish tone of the rays of Sun. The banks lend themselves very well to posing portraits and we obviously didn’t miss the opportunity to take photographs with the beautiful models Cristina and Rebecca, who collaborated with me in the two photo shoots and whom I thank from my heart for their professionalism, skill and sympathy.
Very nice is also the walk along the Mafalda di Savoia lakeside, full of trees and gardens, a small detour on the Foranea dam to walk “on the water” and finally reach the Voltiano temple, from where it is possible to take beautiful photographs using a small similar space to a pier that overlooks the lake.
We also used it for some colored shots from a smoke bomb and the result can be judged by you looking at the photographs taken.

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