Varese in Dance

Varese is a Lombard city of about 80,000 inhabitants, characterized by the name of Garden City which derives precisely from the numerous parks and gardens that are found within the municipality, mostly appurtenances of villas built between the eighteenth century and the beginning of 20th century, first by noble families and more recently by industrialists and representatives of the upper middle class, originating above all in Milan.
For the photo session as usual, I reached Varese by train and our talented model Giorgia, then from the station to get to the city center it takes a pleasant walk of about 15 minutes.
Unfortunately for technical reasons, we have taken into account the fact that we cannot make the best use of the many green spaces offered by the city, as for the dance poses with spikes we need a solid ground on which to point our feet, and to perform a correct pose is to avoid getting hurt. So we moved towards the Corso Matteotti a wide central avenue, for the occasion closed to traffic, with many bright shops that run along it, ideal for a Sunday shopping walk or even just for an outdoor aperitif in the many bars available.
In addition to the usual interest in our photographic work in Varese, we found many people willing to make a contribution to improve the work, from those who gave us colored balloons to those who were willing to lend their dogs or even their own for photographs. baby (beautiful).
And of course the newsstand couldn’t help but lend us a magazine that we used with Giorgia for a nice photo.
We then shot some characteristic streets of the center of Varese, such as Via Francesco del Cairo, small and narrow with particular cobblestones instead of asphalt and after a few photos in one of the many galleries along Corso Matteotti we embarked on the road of return towards the station.
We have promised ourselves to organize a new ad hoc photo session for the villas in the Varese area, so it is called the hinterland of the city.

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