Bubbly Sunday finally!

I can’t remember how and why I received a newsletter with an invitation to taste the bubbles from Cantina Monsupello. The spread of the flu from Covid 19 has not only acted on our movements and worldly appointments but also on the selection of commercial emails.

There is no longer even the advertising it used to be …

Diego Borghese’s tasting at the Enoteca dei Principi passed the Google filter reminding me that one of my favorite Italian sparkling wines was just a few kilometers from home in Rome for tasting on Sunday for lunch! Unmissable!

The Nature wine of the Monsupello winery deserves a broad note that goes beyond the four lines left as Google’s Local Guide. It is a work of art and cannot be reduced to the story of the maceration of a few yeasts on a selection of grapes from beyond the Po ‘Pavese.

Nature has such a classic label that it looks like a timeless champagne. Its simple name is evocative of the hints of the countryside that enrich the bouquet of this praiseworthy grape juice. Nature wine is wonderfully sparkling, it lightens, stimulates, refreshes, helps in conversation as only a glass of champagne can make you do and yet it is very Italian. A classic method sparkling wine appreciated by the Gambero Rosso guide with the three glasses award “Vini d’Italia del Gambero Rosso and Slow Food editors” since 2001 many times.

At Monsupello they insist on growing grapes in the province of Pavia in those lands lapped by the largest river in Italy characterized more by rice crops than anything else. Their vineyards are in the hills, in those small humps that even the Po valley presents, leaving the fog at the bottom of the valley. From up here the Monsupello family assists the perlage of its sparkling wines as it takes care of all its formidable production with careful passion and historical tradition.

To find a product dear to “Milan to drink” in Rome, it took a casual newsletter and a global pandemic. The Milanese are jealous of the products from beyond the Po ‘, they buy the entire production of any “Po Valley” excellence to ensure an exclusive product. This is why it is so difficult to get this label in Rome. And this is why I thank Diego Borghese for believing in the help that the Google algorithm provides us to cross desires and products. Following his sparkling instructions, I discovered a wine shop in Rome where you can appreciate an excellent sparkling wine, it is explained, presented and accompanied with delicious dishes made by your lady.

Following the bubbles of Nature I found a bit of Padania in Rome. Respecting the coronavirus protection rules, I preferred to let the goods travel … To smell the scents of those lands it was enough to pour the sparkling wine, today was also a gloomy day … beyond the perlage it seemed to glimpse the University of Pavia!

I would say excellent value for money of the Enoteca dei Principi tasting experience.

Useful Links

Enoteca dei Principi http://www.enotecadeiprincipi.it

Cantina Monsupello http://www.monsupello.it

Gruppo editoriale Gambero Rosso https://www.gamberorosso.it/

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