On holiday at the farm, even at the time of the pandemic better do as the Romans do

The “Green Holiday” is the latest trend for those who live in cities in Italy. It consists of trips of one or two days, few overnight stays for the holidays of this summer season 2020.
The Green Tourism in agritourism in recent years is increasingly the choice of many Italians, eco-sustainability is fashionable and in large cities is deciding to organize this summer season with holiday in nature.

In the two weeks following the lockdown, throughout Italy there has been a surge in bookings at agritourism or green tourism companies. The phenomenon hasn’t stopped and more and more people are getting ready to spend weekends in the open air, with healthy and genuine food coming directly from our Italian lands. Good food, good wine, nature walks, artistic and cultural discoveries are the best that Italy can offer, in every region.

To give the example of the city of Rome we note that the citizens of the capital, according with Turismo Verde – CIA (the association for the agricultural promotion of Italian farmers), another wave of reservations suggests that at least 40,000 Romans will choose to celebrate holidays in a local farm, where meals can be eaten outdoors.

Why did Tourism become Green?

The green tourism or agritourism was already spreading in Italy, many local tourists prefer to eat and stay on farms, for the lower costs but above all to have more contact with nature. This “Green” way to face the holidays is of strong appeal also for foreign travelers who also want to learn the art of Italian cuisine and the basics of our good food. Italians appreciate the agricultural tourism industry for its qualities of cultural preservation, a sort of extension of the Italian slow food movement.

It is not surprising that in all the regions there are a large number of agricultural accommodation facilities, in the Lazio region alone there are about 1,300 green tourism farms.

Clean air, open spaces at a social distance and facilities for outdoor dining, green tourism is probably the best choice of this season for vacationers looking for a summer holiday, aware and safe.

With an average cost ranging from 30-55 euros per night, depending on the region of Italy, agritourisms are also an economic and sustainable option for all those who try to spend their savings this year.

In addition to being a solution with excellent value for money with Green Tourism you support the Italian regional economy, you help the agrotourism industry and eating fresh food accompanied by good wine you will certainly have good experiences and good memories.

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