Eataly-Rome_italian_ffodDuring the last 20 years, the Rome’s Air Terminal Ostiense languished in a state of disrepair next to the railway of the Ostiense station . Some homeless  and squatters had occupied the big glass building that was empty. In 2010, the large market chain of Eataly has begun to transform the structure to open its 15th store. The complex was inaugurated in June 2012, and has approximately 170,000 square feet dedicaded to food and Italian culinary tradition .


This Eataly department store has a huge space , 18 dining options and coffee, roasting coffee , a beer , and also has its own travel agency , all in a space of four stories that looks like a luxury shopping

eataly_romaVisiting the store Eataly in Rome require some effort . Its all-glass building is quite difficult to achieve. Quite close to the subway station Pyramid, reach Eataly you can  become a venture into an obstacle course , the sidewalks are battered , but despite the lack of signage you arrive at the store quite easily . Ask the locals is always the best idea , and you can drive up to the mall, where there are also 600 parking spaces , but beware only the first hour of parking is free.


Upon entering the parking lot from Eataly we are facing cash registers , there seems to be also a bank, a cell phone store and a tour desk that is very reminiscent of the classic shopping centres. The escalators allow visitors to climb to the various spaces above and reach informal dining and bar and brewery , where beers are also created on the spot. A fine selection of craft beers of quality , as well as a number of industrial brands , are for sale.

Eataly offers a combination of craft and industrial quality products , in a way that some giornalist  have called ” inconsistent. ” It is up to the consumer in fact the ability to decipher what is what. Fine cheeses and meats are served in the Delicatessen, while the fishmonger sells mostly local seafood. The ” Fryer ” serves fried fish and meatballs in a kind of counter surrounding an open kitchen. On the ground floor there is also a costly Piadina Romagnola .


It’s certainly not a cheap shop , and prices sometimes seem excessive for a Roman citizen , but for a foreigner and tourist can seem convenient. Difficult for a visitor to compare , for example, fruit and vegetables sold on the ground floor with the prices of the many local markets that flock to the city of Rome, where the quality is always at very good level . The Romans used to buy food and vegetables at the local market are also used to pay one third of the price and all hope that the advent of Eataly will not raise the prices of shops and markets nearby.

In any case, it is a wonderful place where thousands of packaged products are artfully displayed in a large space with air conditioning , a true American paradigm . Many have wondered if Rome needed a Eataly , the response of many was “Maybe not,” but judging by the crowd that attends is definitely a place to visit.

Eataly Roma
Address: Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492, 00154 Roma (Italy)
Phone:06 9027 9201
{google_map}Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492, 00154 Roma Italy (Eataly) ({/google_map}

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