St. Peter and St. Paul Festival 2017

St. Peter and Paul, the streets of coli tones between lights and stalls of all kinds for a stretch of street ostiense; Many visitors and tourists crowded the way to celebrate the patron saint.

St. Peter and St. Paul are the Saints Patrons of Rome City

The feast of Saint Peter and St. Paul is scheduled for the following dates:

     Thursday 29 June 2017
     Friday, June 29, 2018
     Saturday, June 29, 2019

Every year in the city of Rome On June 29, celebrate the Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of the Eternal City.

The Origins of Festivity

These two saints, of whom Peter was an apostle of Jesus, while Paul never knew Christ, are very different from each other for both origin and training, were killed in Rome for being proclaimers of Christianity, thus becoming martyrs and victims of persecution Antichrist of Emperor Nero.

Peter was crucified upside down in the Vatican in ’64 AD. While Paul was decapitated in ’67 d.c. The current abbey of the Tre Fontan.
From the three rebounds that made the head of Paul flowed three sources and then three churches were built.




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