Grandmaster Flash – Live to Goa Club

Grandmaster Flash pioneer of the scene world hiphop, that has given a great contribution to the evolution of the djing of the years 70/80, the Goa Club in Rome is entertained to for an unbelievable performance!

It opens the live as people of her caliber they know how to do, great energy, contact with the public and music that it makes to return back in the times.

Putting traces as white lines, the message up to touch artists as Run DMC, cypress hill, house of pain and many others; crossing a temporal line of the music hip hop from the dawns until to today.

Grandmaster Flash as we have said he has already been considered one of her their fathers founders of the music hip hop and inventor of some techniques of scratch and mix as cutting and backspinning. He has been the first one to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Hunger in 2007 the first action of hip hop becoming to honor.

Hundreds of people has made free to this icon of the scene hip hop, with great heat, bringing in soldout the Goa Club in Rome.

We hope in other evenings of this caliber in the Roman city that she never sleeps.


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