HAN YUCHEN Tibet on display at Bonaparte Palace, Splendor and Purity

My personal vision #visionlapse It is said that if you go to Tibet you fall in love with it. If you want to immerse yourself in those magical atmospheres, in the center of Rome at Palazzo Bonaparte, you can breathe in those smiling, solemn faces and those simple and pure ancient rituals in the canvases of Chinese impressionism master Han Huchen. The colors of the clothes, the beauty of the landscapes contrast with the opulent frescoes of the Roman palace. As in a film of Italian neo-realism, the painter tells us about life devoid of technology, linked to the essence and being in community. The most modern element is a red quilt worn by a maiden. Not to be missed until September 4, 2022 – Palazzo Bonaparte – Rome

From July 14, 2022, and for the first time in the Capital, Palazzo Bonaparte is hosting an extensive retrospective devoted to the great master of contemporary China oil painting Han Yuchen.

Tibet, its people, its landscapes, its soul.
An immersion in the natural and spiritual beauty of Tibet, the “Roof of the World,” but also a gallery of portraits of those who live on that immense plateau.
The exhibition Tibet, Splendor and Purity testifies – through a path of about 40 works, many of them large-scale, divided into three sections (Landscapes, Portraits and Spirituality) – to the deep moral and spiritual bond that unites the famous autonomous region of China with the distinguished Chinese painter Han Yuchen.

Han Yuchen – Nyima, 2011 – Oil on canvas 100X80 cm

An artist very attached to traditional values and the quality of painting but also characterized by a very strong passion for 19th-century European art, so much so that in 2007 he created the Han Yuchen Art Museum in the city of Handan, with works by Millet, Corot and Goya, just to name three lofty names.
Reconnecting above all with Millet’s example, the Chinese master has made a limpid and poetic painting his hallmark, a stylistic cipher as direct and simple as the lives of the Tibetans he has chosen to immortalize, evoking in some respects a nineteenth-century-style realism, rich in ethical and ideal values, that blends with the technical skills developed in China in the field of oil painting.
Once the most compelling subjects have been identified, Han Yuchen translates them-through undoubted pictorial skill and a marked ability to elaborate broad landscape syntheses or meticulous details-into portraits and works where the robes, ornaments and objects of daily life or ceremonies give us an exciting image of faraway Tibet.

Palazzo Bonaparte
Piazza Venezia, 5, 00186 Rome RM
Opening hours:
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Phone: +39 068715111
Architect: Giovanni Antonio De Rossi
Architectural style: Renaissance architecture
Construction: 1657-1677

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