How to make the perfect italian coffee

Perfect_italian_coffeeHere is the Decalogue for making a real Italian coffee with the ‘moka’ (Italian coffee machine). Following these very simple tips, you will be able to make and appreciate Italian home-made coffee at its best.

cofee_contazza1. Buy a good quality coffee that is suited to your tastes

2. Absolutely avoid blends with surrogates, that substantially alter the result.

3. Use only fresh and light water. Saltish or too rich in limestone waters weaken the flavour. Remember not to use boiled water.

4. Conveniently dose the proportion of coffee and water. The most common coffee-pots, such as the Express or ‘Napoletana’, already have predetermined proportions in accordance with the number of coffee cups they produce. In all the other cases remember to use about one spoon of coffee for each cup.

5. Do not accelerate preparation times, by using hot water in the coffee-pot; on the contrary water must be cold, and needs to heat slowly hot. Be patient for a few minutes.

6. Do not press the powder in the coffee-pot. Put the coffee gently inside the coffee-pot and try to eliminate any lumps.

7. Do not leave the coffee-pot unattended on the stove; coffee and coffee-pot could be compromised. The lid must be kept open to avoid that the steam condenses in the pot, burning or altering the coffee flavour
8. Remove the coffee-pot from the stove when the coffee is ready. Never let the coffee boil, move the coffee-pot from the flame a few moments before the coffee stops coming out.
9. Drink the coffee very hot (as soon as it is ready and served) This is the appropriate moment to fully appreciate its taste and fragance. The remaining coffee must be kept in glass or ceramic jars, not in metal containers; furthermore it must be re-heated in a bain-marie never directly on the stove.
10. Clean the coffee-pot after use with hot water. Never use soap or detergents. Before the first use or after a long period of disuse it is better to boil the coffee-pot with a small amount of coffee.


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