The Kiss by Tony Nicotra

The work “the kiss” by the Sicilian master Tony Nicotra is previewed via the web!
The artist has decided that due to the criticality facing the whole country and all humanity due to the Corona Virus, to present to the community the proceeds of his work to send a message.
Art itself is the bearer of well-being, emotions, communication and sharing. The reason for his decision is that of wanting to give his art a moment of reflection, where union, family, sharing and above all love are true energies that have neither form nor boundaries. Enjoy a hug when a fear divides us and push us away, share a moment with loved ones and the rediscovery of those moments and sensations, which the world steals from us with its daily tram tram. Love is all! Master Tony Nicotra dedicates this work to the energy of love, that great force that unites, wins and overcomes every obstacle in life. The same will then be presented in Pietrasanta at the Nag Art Gallery in front of an audience of international critics and collectors, then in other places in Italy.
Great artists from different eras have wished to capture the moment of a kiss, the greatest act of the first contact of two lovers, the sweetest moment of a relationship, the alchemical exchange of a desire so powerful as to create an explosion of vibrations that cancels in one instant every other thought. A storm of nervous systems, hormones, which have no brakes but only want to lose themselves in an infinite, sweet and sensual love.

Tony Nicotra’s kiss like the kiss by Francesco Hayez, Gustav Klimt, Amore e Psiche by Antonio Canova, has a completely new, more scientific, but also very romantic and very delicate quantum vision. Nicotra stops the moment of the kiss, a moment before the act itself, an eternal moment that will remain so, where there is the greatest desire, not a missed kiss but a kiss full of all energy ready to explode in the two eternal lovers.
Nicotra’s work defragments with its quantum technique every figurative act of matter such as clothes, somatic characters, eliminating the carnal habit of aesthetic matter and representing in a masterly and exciting way the pure energy, the vibrations of the nervous systems, of that energy that only two great lovers can perceive.
Two lovers who come together in one vibrant body where man’s kiss envelops the beloved with protection and infinite sweetness. This extraordinary image of the woman totally welded to the heart of her beloved in a single cardiac impulse, where her enamored face folded towards the face of her man, seeks the kiss of the soul. She is tied by intertwining and nervous impulses to her beloved man, she is deeply united in one organism.
I virtually meet the master Tony Nicotra, to ask him some questions …
1) How was born the artist Tony Nicotra?
I have always loved art since I was a child and I made my first exhibitions in elementary school classrooms. But afterwards I started to pursue the paternal road, graduating in surveyor and continuing my studies in monumental restoration. But inside me I have always dedicated a large part of my life to the search for being and alternative medicine.
In search of that spiritual energy that envelops and involves every living being. From there arises after many years the awareness of being a glass of energy and that my energy could modify matter, that matter that knows man with his senses only which are often limited and limiting.
Throwing myself into the study of quantum physics and with my experience in art, knowledge of materials and studies of spiritual medicine, physics I started a new and adventurous artistic path, moving away from form and directing myself to the pure search for a new model, and here I start to perceive that revelation that everything and everyone are ergetically and inevitably united, in what is defined in quantum physics entanglement.

2) What art influence did you have in your experience?
In my early childhood, I was very attracted to the beauty of the form, in search of realism to get to pure hyper realism but the technique never satisfied me and I was always artistically restless, looking for a new form of artistic expression, which could bring outside what I had inside. My truest form of expression has always been the spirituality and beauty of nature, compressed femininity with its enormous creative and sensual power.

3) We talking about your most recent work you did: The kiss and how the work was born and what technique did you use?
The kiss is an anomalous sculpture the forms are sketched voluntarily and there is no color of skin nor clothes nor much less structures that represent an ethnicity, a costume, a society, etc.
The reason for this composition, created from cotton threads patiently mounted one above the other on a model I made, are immersed in epoxy resins and treated with fluorescent and iridescent colors until completely dry.

4) the decision to donate one of your works, a gesture of love for your country Italy … tell us …
the most beautiful form of Patriotism is that of giving for one’s own land, even if for me the whole world is home, but I strongly feel the need to make my small contribution, if I manage at this dramatic and historic moment in the country through the sale of this work, which wishes to enhance the union and not the division, love and not hatred, the intertwining of vital energy that arises from that invisible union of intertwined energy structures that merge two bodies into one indivisibly.

5) Explore modern techniques in your works, how?
the beauty and charm of this artistic path of mine lies in the search for techniques and materials that respond better and better to the information to which the pigments are subjected. my canvases are subjected to washings of sound information and multiple frequencies, with washings of light, so that it can be created in an almost completely free way, that informal creation of forms where the artist becomes a researcher and no longer the main actor of the ‘Opera . I leave everything to intuition, to the creation of those sudden fulminations of thoughts and ideas that, as Nicolò Tesla said, everything comes from outside and I give life to that sequence of information I had.

6) what is your inspiration?
As I said before, faith, the Divine spirit, nature, love, hope, sweetness, charity, femininity but above all the desire to perceive the world away from structures and slavery, which unknowingly can make me, make us, slaves .

7) your works speak of peace, love, serenity, unite the human being … a magical world that looks to the future …
I try, explore and have fun using painting as a shield and mirror to speak without a voice and scream without shouting the need for love.
And strongly highlight the great energy of man, capable of still stopping the kinetics of degradation that we have caused to all humanity and to nature itself. I am convinced that man still has the opportunity to create great alchemy in transforming all the wrong done, for good.

8) What emotions do you want to give to your audience?
My works are made as I said before using minerals such as the opal without color but which once exposed for 22 days to the sun, to the moon light and subjected under a cinematic bench to washing of frequencies, sound waves and light, the pigments take on shapes and colors which, once completed, emanate by the law of resonance, the same frequency and information to which they were subjected. So not everyone can find one in every work.

9) upcoming ideas and thoughts?
I have been studying and working for some time on the Holy Shroud, seen in the most significant and mysterious moment of all its extraordinary nature, the moment in which the man God breaks down into energy, leaving us this wonderful testimony of eternal and suggestive faith.

10) what is your maximum aspiration as an artist?
If I had answered you several years ago with extreme sincerity I would have replied that I wanted to become famous and rich with art. Today I answer that my desire is to be able to survive art in such a dramatic moment, but to be able to spread more and more the great power of change that every man has within himself through powerful and unique feelings such as love and hope. That God revealed to us long ago.

Teacher: Tony Nicotra
Work title: The Kiss
Work: Sculpture
Technique: mixed Quantum Sistem with cotton threads, resins, marble powder, fluorescent colors.
H. 2mt – L. 0.60 – Thickness. 0.34
Year 2019-2020: Start of construction September 2019 and finished March 1, 2020.
Public presentation via web: 12/03/2020.

Tony Nicotra – the artist: Born in Caracas (Venezuela) on 17/08/1971 he lives in Sicily. Since he was a child attracted by the beauty of the world and began to paint elementary schools, increasing his knowledge and pictorial technique. After high school, he devoted himself to the study of the monumental restoration that led him to turn and restore the most important works of Italy and beyond, restoring dozens of monuments of high value, such as (the Arena of Verona, the Cathedral of Catania , The royal palace of Venaria Reale in Turin, the Italian Embassy in Berlin, etc.). Great scholar of spirituality, through science and the various doctrines. He studies quantum mechanical physics, in which he finds the answers he seeks, trying to express it in life through art, poetry and communication. Find a great inspiration in perceiving everything that surrounds the universe, a great energy invisible to man, but tangible for noble hearts and aware of their own being, where everything is one. He has participated in large collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works are part of private and public collections in Italy and abroad.
Awards: 2015 – “Artist of the Year” awarded by Effetto Arte Editore Magazine – Award for “Artistic Value” awarded by the First International Culture Prize. 2015 – Award for “Stylistic Relevance” conferred by Art Taormina Mazzullo International First Prize, Mazzullo Foundation. 2015- Award for “Precious Artistic Value” conferred by the island that there is the festival of Art, Music and Crafts, conducted by Isola Che C’e ‘, Roxy Bar and Effect Art Magazine.

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