The DoppiAttore (La Voce beyond the darkness)

This is the first and only show dedicated to Italian dubbing art.

With Angelo Maggi, the italian voice of Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Robert Downey Jr. or the Simpsons’ Winchester and Vanina Marini we’ll discover the amazing world of dubbling art.

You will spend an unforgettable evening where the live interpretation of some of the most famous film clips is the protaginst.

On the stage of the Teatro Belli in Rome untold secrets will be unveiled until April 22.

Angelo Maggi shows you the passion of generate emotions.

This show wants to recognise a job that makes a film unforgettable.

Each evening will be a real surprise in the company of special guests such as Pino Insegno or Luca Dal Fabbro (better known as Luca Ward) and there will also be the italian voices of Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Bold and the Beautiful.The DoppiAttore
(La Voce beyond the dark)

written, directed and interpreted by
Angelo Maggi

From 5 to 22 April 2018
Teatro Belli
Piazza di Sant’Apollonia 11 / a – Rome (Trastevere)

With Vanina Marini

and with the friendly participation in videos of
Pino I teach
Massimo Lopez
Marina Tagliaferri
Luca Ward

Special guest of the evening: MASSIMO LOPEZ

Third edition, after the resounding sold out of the last years – the first and only show dedicated to the art of Italian dubbing: THE DOPPIATTORE. Creator and protagonist is Angelo Maggi, voice of Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Robert Downey Jr, The Simpsons Commissioner Winchester, Mark Harmon of NCIS and James Spader of Black List, ready for a new theatrical adventure from April 5 to 22 on the stage of Teatro Belli of Rome.
Theatrical and cinematographic, musical and colloquial performances, IL DOPPIATTORE sees the constant participation, together with Maggi, of Vanina Marini and, in video, four fantastic musketeers of the voice: Pino Insegno, Massimo Lopez, Marina Tagliaferri and Luca Ward.
In the hall, between the interactions with the public and live performances of some of the most well-known cinematographic pieces chosen to enhance the dubbing technique in the hall, Maggi will call to create exclusive cinemas some of the most recognizable professionals of the “vocal” cinema.
In fact, this year, every evening will be a real surprise, seasoned by the intervention of “special guests”, hosting illustrious guests from the world of “dubbing”. Among these, in order of appearance: Massimo Lopez (5), Francesco Venditti (6), Emiliano Coltorti (7), Angiola Baggi (8), Giulia Luzi (10), Federico and Alessandro Campaiola (11), Selvaggia Quattrini (12 ), Pino Insegno (13), Roberto Stocchi (14), Fabio Celenza (14), Luca Dal Fabbro (15), Alex Polidori & Manuel Meli (17), Ernesto Brancucci (18), Giorgio Lopez (19), Edoardo Siravo (20), Simone Mori (21) and Maria Pia Di Meo (22), in addition to the voices starring Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Bold and the Beautiful, which will occupy the stage on the three Sundays of programming.
“Il doppiattore” – as Maggi says in his lectio magistralis – is the job of someone who first of all is an actor with the task of giving expression, in our language, to the emotions that others have created in theirs: in this context the show It represents an excellent and rare opportunity for the public to get to know closely and see who is hiding behind a “Voice” that accompanies him daily in cinemas or in front of the small screen, but – even more – the viewer can attend a real session dubbing live, magically entering the room together with the protagonists of the sound.

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