Festival Dieci Lune – Creativity between passion and reason

diecilune_festival_2015From 8 to 10 May 2015, in Rome, is taking place the Festival DieciLune whose main theme this year is “LOVE BUDGET only passion will save us? New economic perspectives for the world of culture and the creative professions”. The location of the Festival 5th edition will be the Millepiani Coworking Building, in the historical area of the Garbatella.

The key of the spirit of this event can be found, perhaps, in a small but essential graphic sign: the question mark set in the middle of the explicative subtitle: “only passion will save us?”.

Reflecting on this aspect opens to us, like a Chinese box, many other questions. Passion is certainly much, but, above all in the present time, in an everchanging world, cannot be enough.

concorso-letterario-bel-ami_DieciLune-FestivalThe organizers of the Festival, have a lot of passion. They have been able to keep alive an enthusiasm that reminds us of years that seem far in the past, but, if we think better, take new life in the spirit of those who work at this edition of the Festival. A literary club full of life, the Bel-Ami, open to new ideas and collaborations.

The aim of the Festival is analysing the situation, but also informing and helping people who work in the field ofAlessandro.dall-oglio_DieliLune-festival-Autore culture to understand something more of the printing world and of the professions in which creativity is a fundemental ingredient. Professions that, for some logic hard to undestand, someone still considers something like a hobby or a Sunday passtime, like gardening. They are, on the contrary, full of vitality, passion and innovation.

To react to the wrong mentality, this group of people has decided to show the real aspects of truth speaking about the creative professions thorough this Festival whose title is poetic but with practical intents. With a foot on the ground and the eyes on the moon, or, better, on ten satellites in dancing rotation.

The Festival is open not only to those who work in the field of culture but to anyone who is interested, and is an occasion to share the passion in the different sectors of literature and music, from theatre to the visual arts.

In the two and a half days of the program, will be presented, thanks to some experts, the new scenaries of the cultural world from the legislative, the technological and many others aspects and profiles.

Everything will be illustrated through debates, meetings, workshops and laboratories but also with shows and readings about literature and cinema.

All the activities of the Festival are free.

The opening event will be the art show “Krisis – The distinctive strength of art”. It is not a case that the term “Krisis” etimologically means at the same time difficulty and opportunity, the possibility of change and development, and in some languages it is expressed with an ideogram that unites the two seemingly opposed concepts.

A relevant role will have also the seminaries: “The ‘job’ of the theatre writer” and “Digital ReEvolution: form the analogical to the digital and from the low budget to the love-budget” and also “Europe for culture and creativity: funds, opportunities, challenges”.

The event will close with the lesson “Art as experience, the audiovisual at the service of culture”, and with the meeting, one of the highlights of the Festival, ironically presented with a slogan typical of the Ok Corral: “Kill the publisher – five editors to kill by authors who want to make clear any doubt about the world of printing”.

Last but not least, for the winners but not only, also for readers, the prize giving moment of the National Literary Contest DieciLune.

Take part to the event. You don’t need any budget, just your own passion!

Ivano Mugnaini

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