We loved it, dreamed it, wanted it, we smiled and cried with her, in one of the most followed TV series in Italy “Incantesimo”, we’re talking about Linda Batista, who played the role of Denise Nascimento! An actress of international origins, as she likes to define herself … and with a professional career as a great interpreter, both on the small screen and in the cinema.

After a short break away from the spotlight, to recharge herself with new energy, Linda Batista returns to theaters in 2020, with a sentimental thriller called “The cat and the moon” directed by Roberto Lippolis, alongside important names like Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Philippe Loroy, Edy Angelillo, Enzo Garinei, the film will be shot entirely in the Marche region and tells the story of Sonia, a middle-aged woman who leaves her husband and children to live an intense love story and fleeting with a man much younger than her … all impregnated by a murder case that creates suspense and twists, until the end of the film!

Waiting for this great return, we wanted to meet Linda Batista and carry out an exclusive interview with her, to meet her also humanly and not only artistically …

  1. Hi Linda, you are considered the queen of Italian soap operas! Can you tell us how your career as an actress started?
    Hi … I started my career in Brazil where I played the lead role in a television soap opera, entitled “Teresa Batista is tired of war” …

  2. The TV series “Incantesimo” marked your success on the small screen, playing the character of Denise Nascimento … what memories do you have of this experience and what did it leave you?
    Interpreting the role of Denise was a wonderful experience that enriched me even humanly, she was a character full of emotions and above all very positive, as she helped people in need, and the thing that gratifies me the most is that people still today stops me in the street, to thank me for giving life to the character of Denise in Incantesimo!

  3. You have also worked a lot in the cinema, with important roles in unforgettable films such as “Wild Orchid” by Zalman King … with which director did you find yourself better and with whom would you like to work?
    I have worked a lot as an actress also in the cinema, for me the soul of the character I have to interpret is very important, of Wild Orchid, I remember the film a little pushed for my tastes … and the battle that I had to sustain with my mother who was against making me work in that film and as an actress! In fact, I remember that she arrived on the set and hit me with a barrel !! As directors I worked with, I really enjoyed working with Paolo Vittorio and Taviani … two directors in one who worked in great symbiosis.

  4. In your career you did not miss anything … you also participated in a Reality Show “The Farm” … what do you think of Reality?
    Would you participate in another Reality if asked?Honestly, I’m against Reality Shows! I was not very happy to participate in the Farm … and I was called in other reality shows to which I said no! But in the end everything is an experience … I prefer to work as an actress, where I play a character … in reality you are forced to be yourself and to reveal all your intimacy publicly … and I don’t like this!

  5. In your opinion, what is the difference between a film actress and a television actress?
    Where do you feel most rewarded professionally?Nice question! I believe there are no differences between cinema or TV or theater actress … an actor is just an actor! And I feel gratified wherever I can convey emotions to the public …

  6. Your origins are Brazilian, in fact you were born in Salvador de Bahia, what do you carry within you of your roots?
    I have international roots in reality … since my mother is Somala and my father is Spanish and since they were ambassadors to the Holy See, we traveled all over the world! I was born in Brazil and I carry within me the “joy of life” of my country of origin …

  7. Italy is now your second home … what do you like about our country and what would you like to change about Italy?
    Italy in reality has become my 1st home for me, and I would change the bureaucracy and the many taxes in this country! For the rest it’s a wonderful country!

  8. We have admired you in various TV series like Elisa di Rivombrosa, Pompeii yesterday today tomorrow, La signora delle Camelie … in which you played a character that remained in your heart and you felt more yours?
    I did so many different roles, one character who gave me a lot was Eleonora Pimenteo Di fonseca a revolutionary journalist in a historical film …

  9. Your relationship with faith … how important is it for you and your career to have faith?
    I am very believer, I owe everything I have to God … without faith I would not be the oneI’m!

  10. The Love in your life where would you put it?
    For me love means family and friendship … love for my daughter is the most important thing! I don’t believe in love between two people, because everything is destined to end!

  11. Your defect and your merit?
    A defect is to believe that all are good and unfortunately it is not so! An advantage is to always give myself all and to do everything with my heart …

  12. New projects for the future and dreams of Linda Batista?
    Dreams are so many … and we have a duty to make them come true! For new projects a new TV series, shot entirely in Calabria … still Top Secret! And a film for the cinema entitled “The cat and the moon” … see you soon!


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