Have you ever wondered the meaning of this life?
Enclosed in three crucial points: Birth, Living, Dying …
we come to the world not by choice, but by chance, or for how a Christian believes: “By God’s will!”
But why would God take such an important decision for us?
How many of us accept this decision to “take life” with joy?
Maybe so many! But many others no! Many find themselves living and must resign themselves to spend their lives and to face the suffering of life and the fear of death … that comes without warning and brings us back to where we came from!
So reflecting well, twice, someone, allows you to decide for us, regardless of our desire!
 We as men are only masters of our life, of a life that maybe we did not want and that after being resigned to live, with so much effort and suffering, we are taken away without a ’cause!
It would seem a bad joke of nature, almost a terrible game that we are forced to support.
It remains difficult to believe that all this is wanted by a good and merciful God, but on the other hand also men act in the same way with their children, put them in the world without knowing the will of that creature that will be born, they do it for feeling alone and to give continuity to one’s own existence, a sort of endless mechanism, in a sense perhaps selfish and ruthless.
A father forgives and reassures us from the first moan that we emit coming to the World, he smiles, transmits love to us, fills us with attentions … but he minds us from the first moment, until we begin to understand where we are and what be successful!
Yes … a father is forced to lie about life, to his son, he will always show us a wonderful life, without pain or suffering and he will hide his death until he can!
And once you become aware of who you are and where you are and where you’re going … it’s too late to get angry, to take it with your father, on the contrary, you feel grateful about everything and forgive him for his selfish act to get you in the world!
Because deep down he’s a victim too!
So who can we take it with?
Nothing remains but God, to get angry at, to blame everything!
Then reflect, try to get to some conclusion alone, if God had created us not to feel alone in the Universe?
But why feel alone if there existed spiritual beings like the Angels before us?
Maybe they were not enough ?!
Did you feel bored and wanted something to have fun with?
No … it can not be! This is not the right path to think about …
it would be too cruel to believe it!
Then there remains a single inexorable question to ask: we must not ask ourselves why we are born, but ask what is there after life!
Because if death were a reward to those who had the courage to live, life would make sense! And also God’s decision to give us life!
But we have a fucking fear of death, because no one has ever come back from the realm of the dead to tell us how it is and if something exists!
Jesus did it … but for a few minutes, then he returned to the realm of silence forever!
After him the Madonna did and continues to do it, with his apparitions, his messages of hope to humanity, but he does not belong to this world and is a being of the other world, like the Saints and the Angels who they are constantly trying to give us signs and clues … to help us believe!
And it is at this point that the Faith enters the game!
Without it, man is forced to go crazy, would not be able to give a meaning to this existence, how could it justify that a child in the world in the World is dying of hunger !?
That in some corner on the Earth in this instant there ‘who dies emitting a last breath and who is born emitting the first breath!
How can he endure seeing his own mother or father or brother or his friend die, before his eyes and without being able to do anything to save him!
How can you accept to wear a full armor and a sword for a lifetime to fight for survival and realize that you have fought for a life that ultimately does not belong to you !?
Here … you simply can not, you must necessarily rely on faith.
Faith helps you to believe in a good and merciful God Father, to see a brother in every man you meet, and to believe that life is beautiful and a gift and that death is simply a breach to get to happiness, and that all the loved ones who have crossed it before you are waiting for us …
and that life is true that you have not decided whether to receive it or not, and that you will not decide whether to die and when … but you can decide how to live all your life, long or short, you can decide instant after instant if you cry or smile for everything!

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