A story in a click, the power of an image through a photo reporters eyes. The exhibition WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2018 celebrates at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni at Rome the best results of the world photojournalism with 307 final images, nowdays historical document. The jury nominated 42 photographers from 22 countries, among the winners also 5 Italians.

The photo of the year is from the Spot News category by Ronaldo Schemidt (Caracas, 1971), Venezuelan photographer working for Agence France Presse. It is a burning young man running away during one of the May/June 2017 demonstrations against President Maduro at Caracas.

“It is a classic photo, but it has a very dynamic energy. Its colors, movements and power composition convey an immediate feeling”.
Magdalena Herrera, Jury President

The world of the Venezuelan crisis is hidden behind this image. A human drama that represents a social tragedy. The time of a click, a blink that holds the last years of the South American country.

The WP Foundation has been organizing this award for more than 60 years. At Rome as a preview, with eight sections, there are exposed the powerful images of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, the young girls from Cameroon tortured to avoid their breast developing, and also the more cruel one about the Rohingya emergency in Myanmar.

Others tell about the instant violence of the terroristic attack in London or in the USA. On the other side the environment, a new section from this year, is the symbol of nature and manpower. These are complaint clicks, that move your conscience, but also photos that celebrate human and life beauty. They tell stories using an international language through colors, light or darkness, without words, only through the photographer’s eyes and souls.

An exhibition of photojournalism not only with an esthetical and a technical value, but also a social meaning and as everything moving it leaves its sign.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

From April 27th to May 27th 

World Press Photo Foundation

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