“El mundo de la verdad” is the monographic exhibition of the Cuban visual artist Carlos Quintana and his questioning painting. In the show at the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome you will appreciate until June, 16 some of his more recent works. It is impossible to be indifferent in front of these paintings, some of them very big, that represent ambiguity and contradictions of our society through almost cheeky colours, sometimes upsetting, concrete materials, almost carnal.

“An illusory calm atmosphere, that does not correspond to what they feel. generating bewilderment.”
Prof. Luciano Caprile

An interior investigation exhibition, sometimes intentionally unrevealed. Face expressions without emotions, unfinished paintings also from a formal point of view, that are looking for research. Interesting links evoke est culture and philosophy with German expressionism recalled and tribal surrealism that belongs to his origin hearth.

“…in the two paintings “Naufragio di libri” the recurrent heads float among rushing waves of a leaden sea without landings without floating books with white pages without knowledge landings but only further extreme loss.”
Prof Luciano Caprile

A crisis drawing looking for the truth among what appears and what it really is, It is a research that involves the visitor too. The enigmatic looks of common men and women hide an interior struggling. This is the starting point of the path towards the truth, inside the characters and inside the visitors.

By Eriberto Bettini, with the patronage of the Pontificium Consilium de Cultura and the Ambasciata della Repubblica di Cuba by the Holy See.

May, 26 – June 16 2019
Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday (10:00 – 12:30 and 15:00 – 18:00)
Free entrance

Carlos Quintana tells about himself click here.

For further information
tel. 0444 561563, 347 4623195,

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