The Roman Vignarola

The name of this soup originates from the plants that were sown in the vineyards, in fact it should be called the Roman spring. It is only prepared with fresh vegetables and this is only possible in the spring when there are the last artichokes, the first peas and the lettuce grows seamlessly.

It is green this soup, the color of the lawns in spring, softer and sweet as a ripe fruit and needs a lot of work in the preparation.

In fact, it could also be called the spring excuse, an excuse to go to the market that at this time of year offers visions of great color.

The processing of these vegetables, where I live now,required a great deal, but in the homely Roman markets I am sure you will find and buy the clean and grained vegetables without any difficulty. It will be spring and there will be nothing left to assemble the best ever soup, ops Roman spring.

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The Roman Vignarola

Ingredients x 4

1 kg of peas
1 kg fave
10 small artichokes
½ Roman Lettuce
2 fresh onions or spring onions
60 gr bacon
4- 5 spoons of Evo oil
500 ml of water
Salt to taste
Fresh ground black pepper


1) Clean the artichoke of the toughest leaves, cut them into thin slices and bathe in water and lemon.
2) Wash the lettuce and strip it in strips.
3) Peel the peas
4) Grow the beans
5) Slicing the onion
6) Cut the bacon into cubes
7) Put the water to boil in a pot
8) Soak in a large pot the onion in the oil
9) Add the bacon to the onion sauce
10) Add the artichokes and one or two bowls of water
11) Cover the pan and bake for 5 minutes
12) Add the peeled peas and two bowls of water to the pot and cook for 10 minutes
13) Add the grained beans and cook for 20 minutes
14) Add the lettuce and let it cook for another 5 minutes
15) Try soup and salt
16) Serve the soup and add ground black pepper at the time

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