The wonderful shapes of Fornasetti served at Palazzo Altemps

Twenty years after the inauguration of Palazzo Altemps as a Roman museum, the works of Fornasetti Piero find a worthy stage to be exhibited in massive form.

From 2017 December 16th to May 6th 2018 the “Practical Citations” exhibition will be staged at Palazzo Altemps in Rome.

Driven by the curiosity of the exhibition’s title, I found the courage to cross the threshold of one of the most beautiful palaces of Renaissance Rome.

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage has included it in the main offer of the city ROMAN NATIONAL MUSEUM single ticket valid for 4 sites (Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps, Crypta Balbi, Terme di Diocleziano).

This incredible palace must be seen in which, as in all the palaces of power, everything has happened!

The building houses important collections of antiquities and a significant collection of Egyptian works.

Altemps Collection, Boncompagni Ludovisi Collection, Mattei Collection, Drago Collection, Egyptian Collection

Link Palazzo Altemps

From December to May 2018 there is also the Fornasetti exhibition …

Not only does this modern artist’s work not clash with the classic collections mentioned but it is exalted by the context. Piero Fornasetti (Milan, 10 November 1913 – Milan, October 1988), Fornasetti was very important for the Italian culture of industrial design.

I would add that it marries like whipped cream to any sweet enriching it without changing the flavors of the sweet structure of the cake.

Fornasetti loved “the classic” for the simplicity of the shapes without reducing their impact.

Link Rai arte

Go and look around at Piazza Navona as it is possible to reinterpret and revitalize the eternal Roman marbles.

A beautiful exhibition, well done, in a memorable context as it can be Palazzo ALTEMPS can only enrich the experience of the passage to the center of the eternal city.

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