Reading naked

Michelle_Lamour-photo-by-Stephanie-Saujon-Baltz-for-LaPhotographieNashvilleReading naked. Dressed only in words. Feeling on their skin the alternating rhythm that only the punctuation can give, when interpreting aloud masterpiece of Satyricon. Around a select few to listen. At the center of the space, three women, three artists. Dim light of lanterns vintage. Damask drapes and porcelain of other times. And them, adorned only by a string of pearls around her neck. With a book in hand.

If you enjoy the scene, marked in agenda on 2015 November 8, at 20:00. This is what happens in a luxurious private apartment on the top floor of Via Palestro 44, Rome.
The hostess Albadoro Gala and Rita Lynch read in Italian. Michelle l’Amour in English. For those not familiar, the sophisticated appointment takes the title “Naked Girls Reading” (NGR), the format from Chicago.
But production bears the signature of the Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award. And there are those who suddenly returns to appreciate literature, thanks to the persuasive clothes worn by the artists selected. Obviously dressed only with what the Almighty gave him a dowry. To enter this intimacy, the cost is 12 €, including pouring a choice between fine wines and bubbles. If you want to take part in the event just book the presence at +39 3484298631.

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