Burlesque: Rome seeking the Popess

Caput-mundi_international-burlesque-award-2015_RomeRome sexy and vintage. From 6 to 8 November 2015, the capital dreams the Moulin Rouge. The occasion provides for Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award, the third consecutive year , which turns three locations on a show ostrich feathers, satin gloves, ribbons and sequins.

Friday at the Teatro Centrale it is time for the show filled with double entenders, including classic cars and chrome Harley Davidson. Although few people really know what the burlesque, too many to report sets erotic, lined girdle, where women move up to blow in the wind meat buttery. Meats that will tread the Rose Carpet, renamed in memory of Mrs. Rose, promise of the “industry” recently disappeared .
Saturday, wide bodies scream ready to light the splendor of Dolce Vita on Via Veneto.

The location? It is secret. Surely you know his name, Burly Speakeasy, but the exact location will be made known only to those who book a seat at the festival. Everithing will ends at The Yellow hotel transforming this hotel into the burlesque official residence, ending three days with a Sunday in the name of a party with workshops, readings spicy, and toast to the conclusion of the event. To simplify access to the evenings, the organization relies on the collaboration with Uber, a taxi service app that offers free rides for new users.

If you want to know these eros machines, not miss the opportunity. Because it creates a certain charm even the idea of ​​traveling in a world born in Britain, by the will of busty ladies in skirts and flesh-colored busts of transparent lightness. There is an art old as the hills; it is said that the Duke of Buckingham wrote burlesque already work in 1671. He arrived in America in the saloons of the Wild West, where he was called “the poor man’s follies”, has experienced a period of rest (forced) in the thirties. The twentieth century has also sent into hibernation for the advent of the striptease integral, unique smashing every artistic aspect. Besides never burlesque would bend to the curiosity of the viewers hairy and enjoyable. So he moved to take its time to get back to the office now. And Rome will challenge the most promising performers of ancient art streap-tease, in the race for the election of Pope Burlesque, awarded by the crown made by established designer Jan Eneskey. Caput-Mundi_International-Burlesque-AwardMany international players. Guests highly anticipated in fact, are the boylesque Russell Bruner from Portland and the diva Michelle L’Amour from Chicago (for the first time in Italy), the latter with Sven Petersen and Virgil Denice, will make up the special jury that will choose the winner of this edition. Lead the evening of Friday, the versatile Karma B, followed on Saturday by Vibrissa and its many characters, accompanied by the relentless Blue Smoke. Important for everyone is that there is a story. Otherwise there is only burlesque striptease.



The winner of the  festival in addition to winning a number of awards she won the title of Popess (High Priestess) of burlesque, in the first year came spontaneously exclaim porcapapessa! And it became a viral preceded by ashtag (#porcapapessa) the performer announce their arrival in Rome. Albadoro Galaa






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