From 2018, December 5 to 9, the seventheen edition of Fiera Nazionale della Piccola e Media Editoria takes place in Rome with 545 exhibitors and 650 events. Più libri più liberi comes back to the Nuvola at the EUR quarter, after the last year extraordinary success, with more than 100 thousand visitors and all the meetings sold out. This year topic is:

“For a new Humanism. An answer to nowadays egotisms”

The offer for reading’s fans and culture’s lovers is various and current. If you look for inspiration, here there are 10 exhibition’ strengths:

The new Business Centre and the Professional Programme. The Business Centre is a 500sm space, meeting point for editors, companies, professional public, the AIE house in those days. An international conference opens the professional programme (23 meetings): small European editors meet each other to face common challenges, to win. A Professional Programme opened to foreign operators was born from the question “Why the Italian Publishing is appreciated more and more abroad?”. There are here interesting assumptions for professional update (both editors and satellite activities).

The promotion activity. If we consider that more than 1 reader out of 4 chooses his book according to how it is exposed in the bookshop, the theme of visibility, of the presence of the small editors and the communication – social and blog – deserves a deep reflection.

“The 28% of the readers buy a book according to its exposition in the bookshop. It becomes 40% (almost one out of two) among the so-called strong readers.”

Speed date among small editors and blogger takes place for the first time as an experiment, on December the 8. Ten minutes to sum up your own book and five minutes for more questions. Another way to tell about small editors.

The children and young people publishing’s heart is the Spazio Ragazzi, 400 sm splitted in Area Incontri and Area Laboratori for children and young people to experiment, play and learn. In the Exhibition there are our 39 Libraries and their sections for young people.

The 10 euro book voucher is this year news. 10.000 Lazio primary and secondary school students will go home with a book in their hands. Moreover, they will have laboratories, readings and authors’ meetings.

“ 10.000 students will visit the Exhibition and will go home with many more motivations thanks to the vouchers by the Lazio Region, They will have a book in their hand.”
Nicola Zingaretti,  Lazio Region Governor

6) The Graphic Novel is among the small publishing excellences and finds its place in the second day of the Professional Programme, among investigations and comparisons. It has been the small publishing that discovered and gave relevance to the Graphic Novel, giving it literary dignity. It is now the time to build a proper communication around events dedicated to this genre, that touches new expressions and languages familiar to the new generations.

The travel publishing is the leading point of the small publishers. Many appointments are about this item. I recommend “Le eccellenze della piccola editoria: l’editoria turistica e di viaggio” on Dicember, the 7.

The E-book Revolution. A space is dedicated to the reading user-friendliness through new technologies to increase readers, on December, the 7.

News about Audiobook. The new ways of reading are the focus of several meetings. The audiobook is the protagonist on Dicembre, the 8.

La Nuvola. The location itself is worthy of the visit. Here give a look at how is the International Congress Centre, by Massimiliano Fuksas, for event hosting more than 8000. An amazing work of modern architecture, that hosts some of the more meaningful national events.

There are also more interesting opportunities to discover.

For the details of the Programme, click here.

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