Roman Vegan wave

Free The MindChange food change your life by Matteo Morozzo della Rocca

The awareness and knowledge makes man free and healthy. In summary this is the guiding principle of the unstoppable ” vegan wave ” that runs through our society questioning eating lifestyles seemingly entrenched. New, fascinating reality are growing. A raw food chocolate parlor opened in Rome in the historic district of Suburra recently. Giving us the experience of every day delights and delicacies that combine well-being and give us a measure of how much interest there is towards ” the good that is also healthy .” Grezzo, the first raw chocolate shop opened in Roma (via Urbana 130, Roma – Tel. +39.06.483443 – Website: )

 The vegan choice, weather it’s ethical and animal rights or purely health-conscious, beyond fashions and trends of the moment, should prompt us to reflect on the need to adopt a food conduct finally free from systematic disinformation of a certain type of culture and functional the food and pharmaceutical industries. The recovery of an optimal level of psychophysical energy can be obtained with the development of a better food awareness .

 Festivals and events such as those that are going on without interruption, are designed to inform and confront these issues , perhaps by helping those who are not yet vegan to finally make the ” big step” . The Festival of the East (30 May / June 2nd Nuova Fiera di Roma ) , with its program of conferences on topics such as ” Agriculture vibrational ” and ” Food as Medicine ” , and “The Island of Veg ” ( Trevor 7 / June 8) offer culinary courses , holistic and playful that educate and engage visitors .

 But the big event expected for the middle of June ( June 13-15 ) is the VEGinROME first vegan festival in the capital organized by the coordination Isa . Three days of exhibits, conferences , but also music and food , all linked by the common thread of attention and respect for the environment and the beings who inhabit it , and the famous motto ” mens sana in corpore sano ” , which was optimal then extends to all aspects of our lives. ” The wave vegan ” and its energy traveling higher than ever …

All’interno di un’area riscattata dal suo passato, dal 13 al 15 giugno 2014, presso la Città dell’Altra Economia - ex mattatoio di Testaccio, si terrà la prima edizione del VEGinROME, il festival Vegano di Roma.

InfoLine: 391 4551407
The Economy City is located in the Testaccio district, Largo Dino Frisullo within the range Boarium former slaughterhouse.
It ‘reached by bike (bike racks inside), car (ample parking), public transport and walking.
From Termini Station
Metro: Line B – get off at Piramide, then bus line 719 – get off at Galvani / or Zabaglia Manunzio (front Macro)
Bus: 170, get off at Largo Marzi (Ponte Testaccio)