Pork with milk

For this dish I chose pork fillet is easier to work and the shape of the meat allows you to have the same slices with a spectacular effect in the presentation.
This recipe is included in the regional recipes of Emilia Romagna, the homeland of Parmigiano Reggiano to be clear.
The hardest thing to find is the spices … Without the juniper now I do not know how to eat pork.
So it takes a fillet of pork, garlic, juniper berries, pepper berries, cloves and fresh sage to flavor this meat.
Put in a pot that can contain not only the fillet but also a liter of milk, oil and butter. A veil of extra virgin olive oil and a knob of butter. Seal the meat on a high flame in these fats. The fillet should tend to the golden color before adding the spices that will also have to take color and release all their potential aroma.
When everything is well golden add the milk and cover bringing the fillet to cooking.
It will take about 1 H of time for 600 grams of meat. In the meantime, the milk will be reduced but it is up to you to make the final cream or sauce.

Remove the meat and let it rest. Filter the milk with spices. Add in a mixer or with the miniprimer in the saucepan salt and a tablespoon of flour. Even the rice flour is fine for celiacs. You will have to thicken the sauce without adding other fats … you do not have to go from roux like the French do. Put the mixture on the fire and taking care to turn it often reduce the consistency of the sauce to the desired formula.
Lay the fillet slices on a serving dish and cover with the sauce.
A delight!

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