Artichokes, Olives and Capers

An outline based on artichokes. These slices of very tasty artichokes can be used as a side dish (accompanying a main course of meat or fish) or as an appetizer to whet your appetite.
One of the first times I have published this recipe with the name of “torn underwear” has opened a very funny dialogue window on the web. To associate a vegetable, even if noble as the artichoke and the thousand properties with an aphrodisiac food has unleashed the users of the web with the most disparate comments. Each has attributed the origin of the recipe saying that they were Roman for the choice of the fruit or Neapolitans justifying the use of gaeta olives …
They are a very tasty dish that requires a certain skill because you have to know how to clean the artichokes well before reducing them into wedges. The artichoke cleaning requires skill and speed because this plant deprived of the hardest part tends to oxidize turning the color into black both on the fruit and on the hands that have been useful for cleaning. To get rid of the blackness it is sufficient to put the cleaned artichokes in a solution of water and lemon or water and flour.
Then take the artichokes and clean them of the outer leaves, the tops of the leaves reducing them to the rosette and then section them into wedges. The softer stems can be added to the preparation after having removed the hard part and served together with the rest in small parallelepipeds.
Sauté in a pan with a base of Evo oil, garlic in wedges, anchovies, and a handful of salted capers to which you have removed the excess salt and olives (of Gaeta, taggiasche ..small and dark ones you want).

On this basis, add the artichoke wedges and sauté and add a glass of hot water to the pan and cover to perfect the cooking.
After 20 minutes the artichokes will be almost cooked, discover the pan, raise the flame and if you want to reproduce the topping effect add the juice of half a lemon. The lemon bleaches and adds that touch of acidity that makes this dish unique.
Raising the flame will leave the excess liquid and you will end up with separate and tasty slices.

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