Antonio Prestieri, aka Maldestro, one of the most popular artists on the Italian singer-songwriter scene, is returning to the theatre and specifically to the stage of the Piccolo Bellini in Naples. As author, director and actor, he will perform a monologue dedicated to Gino Strada, the surgeon who spent his whole life saving the lives of others.

”Io non sono pacifista” tells of the violence of war. The journey of a surgeon who – from Kurdistan to Rwanda, from Afghanistan to the most mined areas – has spent his whole life to save that of others. 
A profound and necessary analysis that often sees the West as an accomplice in this madness against humanity.

“He was an extraordinary man, who will be greatly missed. It is because of men like Gino Strada that we should be proud to call ourselves human beings. Even if my character was born in Naples and considers the stars of Procida acupunctures that solve his pain” – Maldestro points out.
“We often forget that it is just a case, just a senseless case of being born on the other side of the sea, of having lived in the fertile land, of free thinking. We go up and down in the biggest metropolises, between banks and skyscrapers, believing we are on the right side, in the best society. We are convinced that we are further ahead than those who are still behind the mules dragging their lives bit by bit so as not to give in to barbarism.” says Maldestro.

“Ninety per cent of the victims of war are civilians,’ Maldestro continues. Women, men and children who know nothing about the game of power and yet continue to be blown up by instruments of war manufactured in the very cities where we think we are safe, in the civilised world, among banks and skyscrapers. This must make us ask questions. One above all: are we the good guys or the bad guys?”.
“It’s been six years since I last got my hands on a script. Too many. Music has taken me on incredible journeys, but without meaning to, it has taken away my time to live in the theatre. I have reflected during these two strange years, and of pit stops, and I understood that the time had come to return to ask for the hand of my greatest love. So I wrote this text and started a new theatre art company. FLUIDA.” – concludes Maldestro.

Written, directed and performed by Antonio Prestieri (Maldestro)

Freely inspired by the diaries of Gino Strada.

23 December 2021 at Teatro Piccolo Bellini Via Conte di Ruvo, 14, Naples

Beginning at 20:45 – Ticket 15€ (+ d.p. – single seat)


Tel. box office 081.5499688

The event will take place in total safety in accordance with the anti Covid regulations in force.

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