Anct 2021 Award to the inmate actor Cosimo Rega

The National Association of Theatre Critics (Associazione Nazionale Critici di Teatro – ANCT) organized a ceremony at the Palladium Theater in Rome for Anct 2021 Critics’ Awards, on November 19, 2021.

Cosimo Rega


The event, coordinated with the Prison Theater Festival “Destini Incrociati”, will be streamed live on Facebook live at 5pm on the dedicated page :

Al centro dell’opera di Cosimo, detenuto ergastolano con alle spalle 43 anni di pena, il suo vissuto in carcere e la sua redenzione, avvenuta grazie alla scoperta della cultura.

The core of Cosimo’s work is his life in prison and his redemption, which took place thanks to the discovery of culture.
As an actor he was awarded with the Golden Bear in Berlin in 2012 for his performance in the film “Cesare deve morire” by the Taviani brothers. Cosimo Rega continued his career as a film and theater artist. Among the works of autobiographical inspiration currently available there are the theatrical show “Nel cuore del falco” directed by Daniela Marazita, inspired by his book “Sumino o’falco”, and the introspective short film “Cactus” directed by Luca Mariani in which Cosimo, released from prison after many years, unexpectedly discovers that the catharsis he was expecting for has not yet occurred.
For further information, please contact the National Theater Critics Association:


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