Mangasia: Wonderlands of Asian Comics in Rome

The Manga possibly know what they are but Mangasia What ‘?

An exhibition on Manga?

Is Japan an isola of the Asian continent then why create an exhibition of compound names that encompasses the entire continent?

And why let it leave in Rome?

To go to set foot in one of the most ‘interesting exhibitions that fill the city’ eternal, and maybe I ‘enough the first of these questions.

At the Palace of Exhibitions in Rome, the Barbican Center in London set up the world’s first exhibition as quoted in the Asian comic book title.

In the introduction to the catalog are the thanks of the Mayor of Rome and the cultural references of the Commissioner for temporary management at the Palaexpo Special Company. The top local authorities explain and sponsor through the catalog of the exhibition, the dissemination and sharing of an Asian mass phenomenon, which we only have few in importance because it originates and diffuses in a world so Italians so distant …

If you’ve never been infected with love for the design line but you want to face the Asian world, this is the show that’s right for you.

The historic reconstruction of the Barbican Center is amazing.

Paul Gravett’s research has made it possible to systematize and make a mass phenomenon understandable that involves the entire Asian continent by helping us approach it.

I am astonished, as I have just entered, despite some Manga I have passed through my hands, while I discovered that the Chinese are millennia that silhouette their story. With comics, stories are also handed over to the Philippines and the Indians then … use the cartoon strips to tell the deeds of their Divinity by spreading the Mahabharata on comics.

The sections of the exhibition are mapping Mangasia, fables and folklore, recreating and revising the past, stories and narratives, censorship and sensibility and multimedia manga …

There are comics, drawings, computer on which Takashi Fukutani designed, manga-inspired dresses, and a Mechasobi that lets you drive a giant Mecha

For ignorant people like me, it’s a unique opportunity to relate to the Asian world without chopsticks and without talking about food but nourishing it’s contemporary Art.

Go and do not be afraid to cross the curtain separating pornographic narration, nipples and genitals are always hidden but the ultimate effect is of great enjoyment!

Mangasia: Wonderlands of Asian Comics – 2017
World premiere in Rome from 7 to 21 October 2017

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale, 194, 00184 Roma RM
Phone: +39 06 3996 7500

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10AM–8PM
Wednesday 10AM–8PM
Thursday 10AM–8PM
Friday 10AM–10:30PM
Saturday 10AM–10:30PM
Sunday 10AM–8PM


Barbicane center :

Paul Gravett


Takashi Fukutani :

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