McDonald’s teases Milan, soon to Rome?

On the website we learn a good joke made by McDonald’s at Milan.

Watching the video below we realize that the taste buds of the people are easily manipulated, and that beliefs are rooted food exactly as the political and religious. Let two bitter laughter with the video:
Riccardo Campaci, on the site defines “Gastrofighetti” these people who they say they know a lot about good food.
McDonald’s has therefore come up with a joke advertising to some patrons of the new gourmet hamburger Single Burger, opened last April 9, 2015 in Via Rosales 1, Angle Monte Grappa in Milan. In fact it was a new
McDonald’s temporary restaurant .

It seems tha exisxt an Italian Fashion of  high quality Hamburger eating, which costs 3 times more than fast food, but which according to the appraisers is a whole new taste. Mr. Campaci, in his article (, argues that the burgers with a capital H is becoming a real business, so now that there is  a lot to choose for eat an hamburger in Milan, obviously we are talking about the model so called “gourmet”.

The restaurant where it was made and the joke now is called McDonald’s Premium, is located in Via Monte Grappa corner of Via Rosales in Milan and will remain open to the public until the end of May 2015.

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