Roma Dance Show 2015

Roma_Dance_showEating well to dance better, this is the theme of the second edition of Roma Dance Show, which will involve the Eur district in three days, from Friday 8 to Sunday, May 10, 2015, under the patronage of the Italian Pavilion EXPO 2015. Roma Dance Show debuted in the 2014 and the event met a immediate public appreciation.

Padiglione_Italia_expo-Milano-2015This year, Rome Dance Show will focus in one of the residential districts of the capital served: The E.U.R. (also known as Eur or EUR, originally an acronym for Universal Exposition of Rome) is identified as the thirty-second district of Rome, now called district Europe. The term is now also used to identify the most extensive urban area of the Municipality IX (ex XII), and more generally to designate the whole municipality.

A spectacular festival dedicated to dance and food.


The events of the Roma Dance Show 2015 will be free admission and will be held in the prestigious premises of EUR, all very close together and so easy to reach: the Auditorium Maximum and the Atlantic Live, which will host the shows and competitions, Ferratella the Sporting Club, where instead there will be lectures, stations Eur Fermi and Laurentina Piramide metro line B, which will be the stage for a series of impromptu performances. So an entire neighborhood of Rome will be crossed by the energy contagious dance.

At Expo 2015 which promises to be the biggest event dedicated to food the festival will have as its main theme the combination of passion for good food and one for the dance, taking as its theme the concept Nutrirsi good for dance better planning and roundtables where talk of dance and proper nutrition.

Between Saturday and Sunday at the Auditorium del Massimo (Web: Address: Via Massimiliano Massimo, 1, 00144 Rome, Italy Phone: +39 06 5423 0559) we have a number of interestingRound tablesthat will address the relationship between dance and proper nutrition in many ways.
In addition, Roma Dance Show 2015 will be the first stage of scouting for the second edition of ITALY‘S GOT TALENT; Sunday, the most interesting performers attending the festival, could be chosen as the protagonists of the new season.

To close this second edition, do not miss the evening of Domino Effectto be held in SPAZIO 900.


Friday 8 May 2015

On Friday, the Metro B travelers will enjoy the extraordinary on-site performance of breakers and hip hop dancers at Metro stations Eur Fermi, Laurentina and Piramide.

Metro-Street-dancers_RomaMetro Street dancers
Eur Fermi Metro B stations , Laurentina, Piramide
At about 12:00 hours
In collaboration with the City Hall and IX with Atac Performance of break and hip hop in the metro stations. The objective is to provide citizens, in the subway of their neighborhood, a show by the powerful engine of the passion for dance, as an important means to meet and socialize. All completely free, both for participants and spectators

Saturday, May 9, 2015

On Saturday, however, the Auditorium del Massimo host the exciting match between crew IDA HIP HOP COMPETITION. Next, an evening with the promise of ballet that will play on stage Gala STARS OF TOMORROW.

Roma-Dance-Show-2015_eat-good-dance-betterRoundtable: NUTRITION AND INTEGRATIONE
Auditorium del Massimo At 11:30
Via Massimiliano Massimo, 1, 00144 Roma, Italy

The importance of healthy nutrition and proper supplementation, for the dancer and not

Auditorium del Massimo At 14:00 
Fifth edition of the dance competition open to young hip hop crew divided into three categories: baby, under14, over14. Participants will compete in front of a qualified jury of prestigious teachers, dancers and choreographers of hip hop. Giving away cash prizes, scholarships for training courses and many gadgets. Admission is free to the public.
Info e subscriptions: IDA – International Dance Association | +39 0544.34124 |

Roma-Dance-Show-2015_eat-good-dance-betterAuditorium del Massimo – Via Massimiliano Massimo, 1, 00144 Roma, Italy
Because breakfast is always considered the most important meal …. how to make it balanced to provide the right nutrients to the body
Roundtable: DANZA E NUTRIZIONE  At 18:00 
The importance of proper nutrition to improve performance, the dancer and in athletes in general.

Auditorium del Massimo At 21:00 
All the magic of classical dance in a spectacular show staged by young and promising talents, between 10 and 14, from all over Italy. Admission is free to the public. Info : Francesca Cipriani | +39 328.1217597 |



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, room for FREE DANCE LESSONS – by IALS inside Ferratella Sporting Club, while the Atlantic Live will host the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS CSEN of modern dance and MoveOn, the hip hop contest to win a flight to Miami. The Auditorium del Massimo, however, will be the stage of sensational performances, as IDA DANCE SHOW, an exhibition open to all styles, and DANCING SHOW, the competition for dancers aged five and up.

IALS_Roma Lezioni gratuite di danza a cura di IALS
Ferratella Sporting Club Ore 09:00 / 18:00 
Institute of Training for Workers Performing Maximum number of participants for each lesson: 25 Free admission.
Info: IALS | +39 06 3236396 – +39 06.3611926 | | Lesson plans here

  All areas of Rome Dance Show At 10:00 am
Roma Dance Show 2015 will host the first leg of scouting for the second edition of ITALY‘S GOT TALENT. During the day on Sunday, the talent scout program will go in search of the best performers who, if selected, will feature in the new season of the program.

CSEN_Campionati-Nazionali-di-Danza-Moderna_2015 CSEN Campionati Nazionali di Danza Moderna
Atlantico Live At 10:00 

Finals of the National Championships of Modern Dance CSEN Admission is free to the public.
Info e iscrizioni

Auditorium del Massimo 10:30
Festival open to all styles dedicated to dance schools and young Italian and foreign companies. The jury will be composed of professionals and will conclude with the award of prizes, scholarships for courses and internships, gadgets. Admission is free to the public.

Info e iscrizioni: IDA – International Dance Association | +39 0544.34124 |

Roma-Dance-Show-2015_eat-good-dance-better Roundtables at Auditorium del Massimo
Roundtable: What nutrients are needed by the body to ensure a state of wellness”.
The importance of nutrition in the dance to get the best performance.
Why integrate and how to integrate during the sport and dance, amateur and competitive professional.

Moveon2_015MoveOn Atlantico Live
Outdoor spaces At 16:00
ROMA DANCE SHOW, in collaboration with Angloamerican School of Englis
h – Presents: Move On Battle | 5 vs 5 Mixed Style Battle | May 10, 2015! The MOVE ON, now in its second edition, is a challenge of urban freestyle dance 5 vs 5, which offers the opportunity to fly in the United States. They a day in which, not only will all have the opportunity to meet, but also to enjoy the good music and dance! Admission is free to the public.
Info and selections:
MoveOn |

Auditorium del Massimo At 17:30
Competition open to schools and dance groups from all over Italy who want to show their creativity in all styles of artistic disciplines. The dancers divided into three categories Baby, Junior, Senior – can perform as soloists, in pairs or in groups, in different styles: classical and neo-classical, modern and jazz, contemporary choreography, hip hop, dance fantasy.
Admission is free to the public.
Info e iscrizioni: Francesca Cipriani | +38 328.1217597 |

Roma-Dance-Show-2015_eat-good-dance-betterRoundtable: FISIOLOGIA DEL RECUPERO MUSCOLARE NEL BALLERINO
Auditorium del Massimo Ore 18:00 

The faster the recovery, the more intense the next workout and the better every performance Learn How !!!

Ore 22:00

Domino event by Domino EffectFrom an idea of Adriano Bettinelli, Irma Di Paola was born DOMINO EFFECT: a working group aimed at creating a platform for choreographers, dancers and not only with the aim of promoting and supporting the development of art projects.

EFFETTO_DOMINODOMINO EVENT # 3 The need and desire to promote the offer choreographic present in Italy, was born in 2013 EVENT DOMINO: a stimulus for the creative community that meets the need to get out a Made in ITALY noteworthy: shake, shake , and start soliciting input: a boost to our DOMINO“! Dance, music, visual arts, clubbing, fashion exibition all in one night. Best promises and reality ITALIAN will meet Sunday, May 10 at 21.30 in the prestigious setting of Spazio Novecento in Rome.
Info: Effetto Domino


Roma Dance Show 2015 will be held in Rome in the EUR district in 6 main locations

1. Auditorium del Massimo

Via Massimiliano Massimo, 1 – Roma
Eur Palasport Metro Line B, 800 meters on foot.

2. Atlantico Live
Viale dell’Oceano Atlantico, 271 D – Roma
Metro Line B, Eur Fermi + Bus line 706 (every 10 minutes) from Viale America towards Rotellini for ten stops
or Bus line 705 (every 12 minutes) from Eur Fermi in Piermarini direction for six stops

3. Ferratella Sporting Club
Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 124 – Roma
Eur Fermi Metro Line B, 400 meters walk from + Stop Boston Bus line 779 for four stops, get off at Pavese / Atlantic Ocean + 400 meter walk

4. Stazione Metropolitana Eur Fermi
Metro Line B, Eur Fermi

5. Stazione Metropolitana Laurentina
Metro Line B, Laurentina

6. Stazione Metropolitana Piramide
Metro Line B,a Piramide

7. Spazio 900 C/o Palazzo dell’Arte Antica
P.zza G. Marconi, 26/B – Roma
Metro Line B, Eur Fermi, 1.2 km walk.


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