1 May 2015. Rome celebrates workers with the big concert in San Giovanni

primo_1-maggio_2015_san-GiovanniThe First of May 2015, all in Rome to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of big concert since 1990 draws from all over Italy in the capital thousands of young people.
Two themes this year: work, with particular attention to the young unemployed and to undeclared work and the drama of immigration in the Mediterranean.

Concerto_1_Maggio_2015From 15:00 to 24:00 as is tradition on the big stage set up in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano they will alternate band with almost 40 national and international artists of great attraction. It will be a feast of music “mestizo” with a particularly heterogeneous cast, from rock to folk, from rap to electronics, from pop to alternative proposals. Confirmed many greats: J-Ax, Goran Bregovic, PFM, Young Love, Emis Killa, Bluevertigo, Almamegretta, Teresa De Sio, Paola Turci, Noemi, Irene Grandi, Enzo Avitabile, Enrique Iglesias and many others. On stage also the three finalists of the contest dedicated to emerging artists “1MNEXT”. At present the festival, Camila Raznovich, assisted by the crew of the past years, Claudio Santamaria, Charles Massarini, Enrico Silvestrin, Paola Maugeri, Antonio Cornacchione. The live on Rai Tre with ample space on Radio Rai 2. All information and updates about the cast ofwww.primomaggio.net

 1_primo-maggio_2015_san-Giovanni-in-LateranoIn the city, Friday 1 May, the transport service (bus and tram) runs from 8.30 to 13 and from 16.30 to 21, while the metro (including the line) works overtime and remains open until ‘ 1.30. Metro C is open from 5.30 to 23.30. For security reasons, it remains closed station San Giovanni line A; Also likely closure of the station Manzoni.

In terms of traffic, the area closed to traffic for the big concert is between Viale Carlo Felice, Piazza di Porta San Giovanni and Via Emanuele Filiberto. In the area are provided for deviations or limitations route for some lines of buses and trams: 16, 51, 81, 85, 87, 218, 360, 590 and 665. The tram line 3, however, it is diverted from Porta Maggiore by Prince Eugenio, to return in Viale Manzoni using binaries via Emanuele Filiberto. Trams, therefore, do not carry out the stops in Piazza San Giovanni, Viale Carlo Felice and Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. In the night between Friday 1 and Saturday, May 2, are diverted, however, the lines n1, n10 and n11.

Also on Friday, in the area of ​​San Giovanni, from 9.30 to 11, there will be the fourth edition of the marathon of the “May Day”, organized by the Italian Federation of leisure. The start and finish are in Via Carlo Felice, near the square, and the participants run along a route that winds through the streets of Esquilino, Colle Oppio, Colosseum and Santa Croce in Gerusalemme.
In addition to the lines already diverted to make way to the concert, during the competition possible short stop or deviations for C3, 649 and 714.

Real-time information on mobility and public transport on the site www.atac.roma.it.

1Maggio / Cast / Gli Artisti

J-Ax Jax_Alessandro-Aleotti_rapper_djeeAlessandro Aleotti, better known by the pseudonym of JAx, is a rapper, songwriter and record producer Italian, known for being a member of the rap music group Article 31, along with DJ Jad in the early nineties.

January 27, came out of the Fair be Brutti, album collaborated likes of Max Pezzali, Neffa, Club Dogo, Chile, Weedo, THG, and Nina Zilli. The album debuted at the top spot of the standings of the Italian album, being certified gold by the Italian Music Industry Federation for exceeding the threshold of 25,000 copies sold in the first week of the survey, and then be certified platinum in the week following.

Goran Bregovic Goran_BregovicWith roots in the Balkans, in which it originates, and the mind in the XXI century, the compositions of Goran Bregovic mix the sounds of a gypsy brass band, traditional Bulgarian polyphonies, an electric guitar and traditional percussion with accents of rock, creating a music that seems to instinctively recognize and to which our body hardly resist.

Bluvertigo bluvertigo_MorganBluvertigo: Marco Castoldi aka Morgan (vocals and bass), Andy Fluon (sax and vocals), Sergio Carnevale (drums), Livio Magnini (guitar).
In 1999 two years after the previous work was published the last chapter of chemical trilogyBluvertigo, ZERO or the famous snowfall of 85, the last piece of a very complex project on sound and image inaugurated in 1995 with acids and bases and continued in 1997 with Metal not metal. The chemical trilogyends with Z Zero, as if to suggest and predict a zero. Now the four golden boysof Italian music are ready to reappear on stage, for a series of events with the his


NoemiVoice rough and deep, a little hoarse and tremendously exciting: this is Naomi.
He debuted in 2009 with the single Crumbs and in a few years become one of the most beloved by the public. In 2014, Naomi participated in the Festival of Sanremo with the song Wet Sunand A man is a treeof which he is co-author of both the music and lyrics that are included in the new album Made in London” released on February 20

Alex Britti

 Alex_BrittiSongwriter and guitarist unusual since he was young, since I crossed Europe with the Blues very large, such as Rosa King, Buddy Miles and Billy Preston. Now, at age 44, he says of those early difficult serenely, even when he played as a musician to be able to make ends meet, because as a songwriter could not be heard. His guitar continues to fascinate and to proselytize, and to reveal new sounds and emotions.

Emis Killa

 emis_killaBorn in 1989, he began rapping at age fourteen. After his first album The Grass bad (2012) platinum, on the charts for over a year has become one of the stars of hip hop national. At the end of 2013 it published its second album, Mercury, which debuted at No. 1 in the ranking of best-selling albums and has earned platinum status. Emis Killa is among the protagonists of one of hip hop’s most popular events in the world, the BET HIP HOP AWARDS.

Alpha Blondy

 alpha_BlondieSeydou Koné known as Alpha Blondy was born in Dimbokro, Ivory Coast, on January 1, 1953. Star Ivorian has certainly earned its reputation as the “enfant terrible” of the Afroreggae musical genre for his volatile personality. Blondy has created a stir in the music of West Africa for its reggae revolutionary and full of strength. His pieces are often of protest songs, but they are also carriers of messages of spirituality and peace. Blondy, who rose to fame with the release of her debut album in the early 80s, has now built a strong following of fans even on the international music scene. It is in fact considered a living legend and is able to attract millions of fans. She sings mainly in Dioula, the dialect of his native land, in English and in French.

PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi

 pfm_Premiata-Forneria-MarconiPFM, PFM, is the most famous Italian rock band in the world, the only national band to have climbed the Billboard charts in the United States. Since 1970 the disks were numerous and the concerts have now exceed the nearly 6,000 performances. From Japan to the US, from Korea to the UK, from Canada to Mexico, everywhere PFM is hailed as masterpiece of rock copyright and imaginative music.
Memorable tour with Fabrizio De André
Fabrizio said: Our tour was the first example of cooperation between two completely different ways of thinking and performing songs. A unique experience because PFM was not un’accolita excellent musicians gathered for the occasion, but a group with an important history, which changed the course of Italian music. Here, one day they took all this and they put it in my service

Irene Grandi

 Irene_GrandiIrene Grandi was born in Florence December 6, 1969.
After having played in several groups, he started working as a soloist together with Telonio. With his first author recorded “One reason cursed”, which attracts the attention of Dado Parisini, time producer Raf, and CGD, who offers her a record deal. In 1994, the Festival, in the category of Young, with “Off”. Irene began working with major authors: Eros Ramazzotti and Jovanotti write songs for his debut album “Irene Grandi”. In 2015, Irene has been selected to participate in the race in 65th Italian Song Festival of Sanremo with the song “A wind unnamed”, of which she also wrote. February 12 comes out on label Sony “A wind unnamed”, the new album by Irene who, after five years, returns with 11 new songs. It is the portrait of an artist more aware and more artistically complex. For the first time Irene is the author of the disc, which tells how often in life nothing happens by chance.

Lacuna Coil

 lacuna_CoilFrom Milan and very famous abroad, Lacuna Coil are considered the precursors of the Italian gothic-metal.
The group, in 1994, was founded by Andrea Ferro (vocals), Marco Coti Zelati (bass) and Raffaele Zagaria (guitar) as the “Sleep of Right”. Later you unsicono the band Claudio Leo, and Leonardo Forti Cristina Scabies and 1996. A demo recorded in their study was sent to many record labels: among the many responses, the most convincing was that of Century Media, with which in September 1996 he signed the record deal with Century Media and boarders the US tour. Shortly after changing their name to Lacuna Coil. In January 2014 it announced the release date of Halo Broken Crown, the seventh studio album of the group, recorded in Milan between September and October 2013. The album produced by Jay Baumgardner and mastered by Howie Weinberg will be released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand as of 31 March, and from April 1 will arrive in the United States and Canada.

Enrico Ruggeri


True punk beginnings, Ruggeri is also one of the most generous songmakers of our house. It is the pen of some of the biggest hits of Loredana Berte and Fiorella Mannoia, as well as the one who was able to bring an exRoxy Music (Andy McKay) in the production of its own disk. A series of successes up to date with the release of “Pieces of life“, double album with 14 hits from the beginning (1980-1985) and 10 unpublished, including “Three Lords“, sung to the Sanremo Festival He intervened in the role of super host.

Enzo Avitabile


The Conservatory. Pop. The African-American rhythm. The early music of pastellessa and Zeza and sacred music. Enzo Avitabile dedicated his life to finding a new sounds, not only original but vital and essential, outside of any commercial logic of all conformism, all fashion.
These are the real biography: an artist, a composer, a multi-instrumentalist. As a child, Avitabile has studied the saxophone; as a teenager he performed in clubs Neapolitans crowded by American customers. Then he graduated in the discipline of the flute at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella (attended from 1973 to 1980) and has started to collaborate with artists pop and rock around the world, from James Brown to Tina Turner, but always moving under a sky very personal, never shared.

Lo Stato Sociale


They come from Bologna, grind everything and its opposite restoring with electronic groove, rhymes and melodies that you are glued to the brain. Live they are a force of nature. Italy Worst is their latest album and the tour is running in its length and breadth of the peninsula, always sold out.Il April 14, 2014 is released exclusively on iTunes the single “We had so wrong“, by anticipation album. The piece is placed immediately at the top of the best sellers on the platform surpassing Happy Pharrell Williams.

James Senese & Napoli Centrale


James Senese & Napoli Centrale is a group that was able to make a real fusion, creating a sound respectful of the folk tradition, but open to all forms of structural enrichment, which can make the language proposed, universally usable.
I was born black and I was born in Miano, I play the tenor and soprano, the sound halfway between Naples and the Bronx, John Coltrane study from morning to night, fell in love with Miles Davis, Weather Report and plus I always created instinctively, trying to find my own personal language, not copying anyone … ever since my sax bears the scars of the joy and pain of life. James Senese



Almamegretta (Vulgar Latin for Animamigrante) born in the late ’80s as a band dedicated to its own review of the beat and rhythm and blues, and then move fast, with the arrival of Raiz, to a very personal style made of dub, reggae, funk and electronic pop, soaked in infinite cauldron of popular music of southern Italy and Naples in particular, construct wonderful that imposes them, from the first extended play 4 songs “Children of Hannibal” (1992) as one of the leading names in the renewal of Italian music occurred in the 90 Their music is a blend of alternative rock, reggae, dub, Neapolitan songs and chants Arab. They are among artists with the most number of awards from the Club Tenco, with three prizes Tenco, and the largest group ever awarded. In 2011 the band takes up the way for a handful of concerts that aim to celebrate twenty years together on stage and, of course, cause such great interest and requests from forcing Alma to stretch the number of dates (in Italy and all ‘ foreign) until the end of 2012. In December 2012 came the invitation to join the cast of the Sanremo Festival in 2013 signed by Fabio Fazio.

Paola Turci


Paola Turci is an Italian singer, his debut is dated 1986, when participating in the Festival of Sanremo. Paola Turci is currently in the studio working on the next album, whose release is scheduled for early spring 2015 for this record Paola decided to collect some songs from his repertoire and rearrange them in an unusual dress acousticelectric with his band . Besides the songs already released the album will of course also some new songs. On the occasion of the new album Paola Turci will be scheduled in the Italian theaters with the new live.

Otto Ohm


Band formed in 1997 by Andrea Vincent Leuzzi that with Fabrizio De Angelis, began playing in a studio set up at home, with the advice of Fabrizio Bacherini. At the same time they aggregated more friends, or: Daniela Stefano Mariani and Bari.
In 2000 they released their first single, Crepuscolaria, getting success in radio networks and in October of that year released the album debut Otto Ohm. In the same year running Bimba has cloned a star feature of Sabina Guzzanti choosing them also to realize part of the soundtrack. Are candidates to P.I.M. as best emerging. In 2007, Otto Ohm collaborated with Daniele Silvestri for her single I remember the sea. In January 2015 it is announced the upcoming release of the album of unreleased entitled Boxer. In Penguin Studio, the band’s base of operations on the outskirts of Rome, producing emerging realities and prepare the tour of the most established Italian artists. Collaborate with various companies for the development and the development of technologies dedicated to professional audio and musical instruments.



Songwriter class 80 with an unbridled passion for rap and black music, Francesco Tarducci in art Nesli back on the music scene in 2015 with a new solo album entitled Everything will be all right andanticipated in radio eponymous new single . His unique way of writing and communicating, perfectly adapted to the world of social, allowed Nesli to become one of the protagonists of Italian music for numbers, and views on social shares.

Dellera & Nic Cester


Dellera is author, singer and multi-instrumentalist. English di’adozione, in 2006 became a member of the Afterhours with whom he produced three American tours, composed and recorded the album The Milanese kill on Saturdayand won the Sanremo Festival the critics’ award in 2008. It stands out as the star of collaborations with artists such as Tooth, the Genius, Diego Mancino and gauge 35. In 2011 he released his first solo album Original Score”. In September 2014 the new single “EVERYTHING ONCEthat anticipates the second solo album; the song, which appears in the film’s soundtrack of Pierfrancesco Favino, With no mercy.”

Mario Venuti & Mario Incudine


The Sicilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Mario Venuti returns with a new show with Mario Anvil: singer, actor, researcher, musician and composer of soundtracks, Anvil is one of the most representative of the new Italian world music. The color of his voice and his style of interpretation condense and distill the knowledge of a tradition, the strength of a culture.

Alessio Bertallot


Alessio Bertallot is the DJ of reference in Italy for electronic music. Memorable its programs in radio: B Side on Radio Deejay, RaiTunes to Rai Radio 2 and now online at home Bertallot. And DJ on television: first to MTV, then Deejay TV and Rai 5; now leads the program Changes Bertalloton Sky Arts. In console, the name is synonymous with Bertallot Alternative Dance: Drum’n’Bass, Garage, Dubstep, Deep and Juke. His DJ sets are equivalent energetically and intelligently dance of his style radio.



The Kutso combine joke and provocation to a musical language joyously frantic. Their music is the sun and irreverent sound carpet of texts marked by large doses of sympathetic defeatism and sickly sweet sarcasm. Concerts, real explosive mix of nonsense, despair, rash movements, invective and disguises extemporaneous transport the audience into a surreal atmosphere and ramshackle. In 2015, participating in the 65th edition of the Festival di Sanremo” in the race in the new proposals with the single “Elisa”. In February, they released their second album Music for sensitive people.”



Levante was born in Caltagirone and grows in Palagonia (Catania) in a family crowded with creative minds. Reported special on iTunes as an artist in 2014, selected from among the finalists of the MTV European Music Award in Glasgow as Best italian act”, finalist in the Tenco Award for his debut album: the response of the public and critics are unanimous in recognizing his talent. In autumn 2014 he joined the team of Carousel Records, with which pubbicherà his new recording project ABBI CURA DI TE.

Teresa De Sio


Teresa De Sio is an artist on the move”, always ready for the next step: the late seventies lands to music early twenties nell’ensamble Musicanova, continues eighties gaining an absolute success and dazzling, two million records sold three years and three albums, an endless series of concerts and reaches a status immovable. By the nineties left the Neapolitan dialect to a more poetic and songwriting, collaborating among others with Fabrizio De André and Pelù. With the arrival of the new millennium, here is the return of energy and creative folk music, becoming a reference point as a woman, musician and author Southern” for all young bands south for what appears to be a new renaissance folk rock

Daniele Ronda & Folklub con Mimmo Cavallaro


After writing achievements of national and international caliber, Daniel in 2010 he decided to write only for himself back to home and to their roots: in a few years become a reference point for the folk, the dialect and the Italian singer.

Lello Analfino & Tinturia


In 1996 Lello Analfino met Tinturia, kids love music, seen and experienced as a source of artistic expression and entertainment. Since then, the marriage becomes indissoluble. The artistic and imaginative genius of Lello immediately becomes the expression and the image of light and irreverent, but never boring, the Tinturia. Author of the lyrics and music Lello pours into the project all his creativity, able to range easily from pop to reggae, from funk to rap, with a hint of folk innate in his Sicilian roots moored in the Sicilian sea. What a word they define the kind sbrong. The very choice of the name is inspired by the dialect: the children all too awake and urchins are called “dyed” and “TINTURIA” is the ultimate prank.
On 24 November was published “On Cocciu AMURI” the new single by LELLO Analfino soundtrack of the film “WE GO TO THAT COUNTRY” of FICARRA PICONE And where exactly Lello has played the role of actor. Lello has created and performed the song “Cocciu d’Amuri”, the serenade in dialect soundtrack of the film “Let’s go to hell” of Ficarra and Picone, who has depopulated web getting more than a million views in a short time and over 15 thousand shares on social.

Tarantolati di Tricarico


The group of Tarantolati of Tricarico, one of the larger groups’ longevity and history of Italy, born in 1975, has its laurels to the legendary local Roman FOLK STUDIO directed by Giancarlo Cesaroni. In 2015 were chosen by the Basilicata region as ambassadors of music and culture Lucana for the EXPO 2015 in the Italian pavilion, is also the official song for Their Cultural Capital Matera 2019. In recent years stands out in collaboration with the famous singer BIAGIO Antonacci. In 2015 they are preparing to make the first 40 years of activity , from 1975 to 2015, with the release of a compilation overwhelming.

Med Free Orkestra


Rome, Testaccio 31 March 2010: launch of the Med Free Orkestra“.
Five countries, three continents and five different languages, the Med Free Orkestra is a multiethnic ensemble consists of 13 musicians from various areas of the southern hemisphere, Senegal, Greece, Ukraine, Canada, South Italy and is now one of the most interesting experiences and original Italian in music and the Mediterranean basin. The multiethnic and Roman Med Free Orkestra puts Rome and Italy at the center of the Mediterranean in a contamination of sounds and flavors emerged from the encounter of the many cultures that make up the extraordinary human experience and musical Med Free Orkestra.

Santa Margaret


The St. Margaret born in Milan encounter of singer Angelica Schiatti (born in 1989), with guitarist Vibrations, Stefano Verderi. In the last two years have been dedicated to the composition of original songs, calling in when friends and musicians with long experience in the Milan scene, in order to create a sound that is rooted in blues and rock, and then get lost in sound more psychedelic , and ultimately find his way home with melodies typical of Italian songwriters of the ’60s.

Ylenia Lucisano


Ylenia Lucisano is a young singer-songwriter originally from Calabria, impeccable interpreter and performer seductive. His is a refined pop-veined folk, able to hold the stage and capture the audience naturally. His debut album is Little Universe”, ten songs, two of which, signed by the authors (and singers) of relief as the Pacific, in collaboration with the pianist Giulia Mazzoni. Artistic production is Silvio Masanotti (who also handled the arrangements) and the same Ylenia, with the collaboration of Carlo Lucisano.



Gianluca / Ghemon, born in 1982 and a native of Avellino, is one of the most talented and popular hip hop artists Italian. Over the years he has been able to renew his personal style, characterized by profound themes and rhymes very accurate under the lexical aspect, that makes him an artist somewhere between a singer and a rapper: a unique case in the scenario rap tricolor . In May 2014 he released “Orchids”, an album entirely played with real instruments, produced and recorded between Milan and Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam by the internationally renowned producer Thomas Colliva (Muse, Caliber 35, Afterhours, Ministers) and the young and talented Marco olives.

Sandro Joyeux


Sandro Joyeux, French musician globetrotting is a white griot, a musical and cultural encyclopedia that is not commonly encountered. He traveled more than half a million kilometers with the guitar on his back to collect traditions dialects and sounds of the South. Sings in French, English, Italian, Arabic, and in many dialects as the Bambara, Wolof, Dioula. It is recovering from more than two hundred concerts around between Italy and abroad in the past two years. In 2012 he created the Antischiavitour, a tour in support of seasonal laborers in all the places symbol of the exploitation of migrant workers, from Rosarno (RC) in Saluzzo (CN). He was lead singer for the opera “Love moves the Moon” by Eugene Jackson staged at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and Toni Esposito participated in the 2012/13 editions of “Pino Daniele – All n’ata history” Palapartenope to Naples. In 2012 he released his first album “Sandro Joyeux”. The video for her new single “Elmando” due out in late April under the patronage of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). His inspiration strongly devoted to the story of a world that migrates and turns, makes the message all the more important and relevant.

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