The world of Burlesque between makeup, rituals and clichés

Albadoro-Gala_7Burlesque is not just sequins and feathers we see on stage, but also choreography, make-up, study, How to prepare a queen in the show? Responds Albadoro Gala, organizer of the Caput Mundi Burlesque Award 2015, until November 8 in Rome.

Mine looks like a frivolous world and in part it is. Many improvise. But the difference between a performer and prepared a makeshift is glaring. I? I try to spend more time as possible to the evidence, to the realization of my costumes and choreography and teaching that is indirectly teaching for the teacher.

Makeup: Do you follow do yourself in?

Absolutely, as well as wigs, costumes, choreography, but not a rule. Sometimes I give myself into the hands of wise men make up urtist as in the case of the festival: Ida Montanari is a valuable help during the festival behind the scenes for all the performers.

You have a superstitious ritual before the performance?

No, I have no superstitious rites aside a shot which always helps, but in the backstage between the performers there we touch our buttocks shouting ….. okay, you know!

When they ask you what do you do, what do you say?

When I say what I do not mean that some people ask me, others will show fun and then ask me … yes, but I mean the real work … Others are simply admiring and curious.

What men say about you?

There are many things said by many different men. It ‘impossible to generalize. Many are the gentlemen, many cavemen, many maniacs. But the burlesque puts them agree. Only that they simply express it differently, but it is the women my biggest supporters.

If you were to tell “what does Mom” ​​to your children?

I have no children, I have never felt the desire. Now then with the hectic life I lead always to board a plane between the stage and the other would be a crime. My motto has always been “just do what you do best”, I’d be a bad parent prefer to be a good performer.

The question that I have not done that you’d love to meet …

“How to recognize a burlesque show quality?” The details are essential, light, space, audience, costumes, movements, music and atmosphere. The burlesque must give emotions and fantasies never too explicit, because we like to take the viewer to a certain point and then let him go free. Crush the right buttons in the psyche and emotions of the audience, leaving each one may imagine the rest, each differently and according to their own tastes. A show of burlesque low level is disgusting and embarrassing: a good show is enjoyable and fun. A great burlesque show never leave your mind!

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