Last summer nights at the Santa Severa Castle

If you are downtown at the end of the summer take your chance to go out of Rome for a relaxing night. The Santa Severa Castle #Baciatodalmare program, evocative location for movies set and events, offers many options.

Let’s meet among the Castle’s walls on August 12th for La notte bianca delle stelle, to make a wish loooking at the sky and looking for the falling stars.
The program includes theatre, reading, music and much more in the renascimental and medieval courts by the sea. After Ascanio Celestini, Biagio Izzo and Marlene Kuntz, who called back a large audience, Michela Murgia (13 August), Maurizio Battista (14 August) will be on the stage together with Gipsy King (21 August), Gino Paoli & Danilo Rea (23 August) and finally Baustelle (27 August).

It does not end here: also concerts Sinfonie dal mare with Orchestra sinfonica Renzo Rossellini, reading and the Village visit, also music with Jazz Beatles (19 August), Racconti in Blu (9 September) and the final concert of the season Orchestra Giovanile Massimo Freccia (17 September).

Until 2017 September 19th a series of scientific conferences will be held together with the Archeological Group of the Cerveteri’s Area: Cose, uomini, paesaggi del mondo antico.

Take your chance during the last weekend of August, from Friday to Sunday, to make your visit by night Castello sotto le stelle. You will enjoy beautiful view and Mediterranean evocations.

Information and booking: 06.39967999

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