Beyond the Appearance, personal exhibition by Andrea Pinchi and Paolo Vannuccini in Rome

On the fourth floor of the historic residence of Palazzo Phamphilji in Rome, today Eitch Borromini, home of the Galleria d’Arte, hosts the exhibition on March 14, 2018 by the two artists Andrea Pinchi and Paolo Vannuccini with a double solo entitled Oltre l’Appenza – two in the art rooms – by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia. The exhibition lasts until May 15, 2018.

The leitmotif is a two-way game in a dialogue between the aesthetic and the interior world that the two artists present to us. “Filo Rosso” is also the name of the new Sartago wine presented for the occasion.

It is an exhibition project of artistic relevance that provides a cognitive journey of painting and color with over 30 works in continuous dialogue with the self and the life that surrounds us.

Andrea Pinchi speaks to the art curator Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, describing our past time and fixing it in an instant. He also realizes the subtle in a subtle way, I see it I can not see, with the delicate sensitivity that only the artist possesses. Like an avatar, in the paintings he creates a generator of souls reincarnated in the embryonic state. In the works of Vannuccini human figures can be glimpsed suddenly in front of the colored walls with the desire to climb over and go beyond.

Through their signs, in a world full of color, the life experiences of the artists provide us with strong and ironic suggestions. The language of the art in this double staff wants subtly to provoke and intrigue the eye of the careful observer by creating a direct relationship between the works of art, their authors and the public.

Andrea Pinchi paints:

Paolo Vannuccini opere:

An interview for two on the occasion of their personal exhibition in Rome …

A- Andrea Pinchi
P- Paolo Vannuccini

1) How did your artistic journey start?


I was a lucky child as I grew up with key figures for my artistic and cultural training: my aunt and her painter partner, very cultured and humanly enlightened, my grandfather and my father, organ artists, the designer and the sculptor who he worked for them. To all these people I have what I am today. The rest were wonderful teachers, meetings with extra-ordinary people and experiences gained over time.


I have always been fascinated by art in all its forms since the time of school, the transition from the album and felt pens to canvases was quite sudden, fascinated mainly by futurist movements. And from there a continuous deepening and technical and cultural research

2) Being an artist is research, dedication, …


The artist’s interest, Novello Ulisse, has always focused and exhausted his journey. Today, as in the past, the artist is Ulysses, there is only him and his journey. Then comes everything else (research, dedication, etc …).


Great passion and great desire to constantly get involved. A continuous search.


3) How do you create your work, what are the ideal conditions?


It starts from the successes and the defeats that, to put it with Kipling, are impostors and therefore a source of inspiration. Together with the muses they generate the prelude. So, in my daily chaos, discipline and self-sacrifice are grafted in favor of the creative moment. Time does not exist: art has already been taken. So day and night for me are even. If I wake up without ideas I go out to look for the Myth, I greet Marcus Aurelius and then I come back with something. Fortunately, I live in Rome.


I do not have an ideal condition, I do not know how to give one, our life is made of negative experiences today, positive tomorrow and the day after tomorrow who knows … everything inside of me creates uncontrollable mixes that then explode on canvas with color shapes and wandering men !!

4) In your paintings the sign is charged with multiple values. how much color are important elements?


I believe that a careful eye and a sufficiently sensitive soul can capture in the work of each artist his most intimate projection. There are those who are behind the “untitled”. I play openly, I’m an old rugby player.


The signs are introspective speeches for me, they are the soul, myself and people

5) Are there influences with other artists today?


Yes, I have a fair number of true friends belonging to the artistic field and enjoy “exchanges of superior riches” which sometimes result in four-handed work or reciprocal transfer of ideas and materials. One is Paul, a quick empathy as the creative gesture.


I know several artists with whom I shared interesting moments, exchanges of opinions, experiences, future projects, on this specific occasion instead I met Andrea artist with great experience and what I think most of us is the soul, the thing that most I’m interested in the artist and not in man. And then the great contemporaries, what to say ..

6) What is your personal contribution that you want to give to the art world?


A desire to slow down the race towards hypermimalism, hyperconceptualism, ultra-technocracy and the synthetic amazement derived from it. In short, countering that undeclared hypoemotional state that often makes homeless people (for civil coexistence) not a few users of art, forced to say “interesting” in front of one of the many “empty for full”. I would like to leave the memory of what my urgencies were. And of the price I paid for them to be met. A journey beyond good and evil.


My works basically tell my path, difficult moments, joys, uncertainties, sorrows, joyous days, days of ordinary madness … I’m essentially painting my autobiography that can be deciphered by the user who will have a key to reading: The soul !!

7) A personal idea about this exhibition?


Dreams, unconscious, classical and personal mythologies, feelings of the past.


Exhibiting works that dialogue in a building of 1600 in the center of Rome where Pope Innocent X stayed with a wonderful Piazza Navona in front, what more can I say !!!

8) How space can influence an exposed work?


For me, exposing in this space is almost natural, having grown up as a family formation in the culture of the Baroque. I believe that visitors will be able to grasp this osmosis of elements that live in my works as a bridge between past and future.

P –

The space for me does not have a particular relevance, the work comes from within a

regardless, of course, the contamination from places, events, or other could affect positively or negatively but for what concerns me I try to follow my path.

9) Can the beauty of art support the social movement in the world?


The artist has the duty and the urgency to create. In my opinion the so-called “commitment” does not constitute an added value in art but a useful instrument of interest and political reflection that fortunately can exercise a social function. That said, I do not know if beauty will save the world and its humanity, but certainly a bad art will not help them. I see a gray drift to respond with a strong return to color.


I think that in this state of profound darkness in which we pour art not only with painting but in all its forms and expressions it can make a very important contribution

10) Future short projects?

TO –

Meanwhile let’s start … We are thinking about it.

P –

I’m very busy with this show and other work I’m preparing, honestly it’s something I have not thought about.

11) It seems that Art is experiencing changes today, how do you live them? In your opinion, can technology help art?


I am afraid that Battiato’s prophecy: “The machines in power and the men in bread and water” are becoming concrete in everyday life and that is reflected mercilessly on the art itself. . For me, Man comes first, I hope that his deepest sign may never abandon us.


What is experiencing changes at least in Italy does not seem to me, I hope that this happens soon there is too much dryness in this world! The technology intended as an informational organ certainly, in the work, however, only when it is indispensable, I really love the manual skills with all the errors, the inaccuracies that may result, but it is from here that the true soul of the artist comes out !!!

12) A dream that you would like to achieve?

A –

A large public sculpture, tin and lead

P –

Being able to organize an important exhibition abroad

ANDREA PINCHI Born in 1967 in a family of well-known pipe organ builders and restorers. Very young he became a designer of his father Guido’s instruments, among the most significant of which: Duomo di Arezzo, Kusatsu Concert Hall in Japan, Temple of Consolazione di Todi and San Pio Liturgical Hall in Petrelcina in collaboration with Renzo Piano. He also takes care of the restoration of the historical organs from 1981 to 2014. Today he continues the activity of designer for his brother Claudio. He began painting as a child with the painter Nereo Ferraris (1911-1975) aunt’s partner, Maria Pia Pinchi, a fundamental figure for his cultural and artistic training. Between 1989 and 1996 he was in contact with Aurelio De Felice (1915-1996) from which he welcomed the suggestion to undertake the research of his own expressive world that led him to what Maurizio Coccia will define in 2011 the Pincbau, or the construction of works through the reuse of materials from ancient musical organs or those of his family, which happens starting from 2005. From 2011 to today he has exhibited in Bari, Basel, Brussels, Como, Florence, Foligno, Madrid, Milan, Prato, Rome, Spoleto, Treviso, Verona in collective and personal. He participated in the 54 Venice Biennale. He has exhibited in museum exhibitions such as the Museum of Palazzo Collicola, Visual Arts of Spoleto and the Monumental Complex of the Vittoriano in Rome. They dealt with him: Francesca Briganti, Marta Calcagno, Sabina Caligiani, Maurizio Coccia, Lauretta Colonnelli, Vittoria Garibaldi, Lucia Genga, Roberta Macchia, Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, Gianluca Marziani, Stefano Masi, Valeria Molaioli, Irene Niosi, Matteo Pacini, Vittorio Sgarbi, Chiara Silvestri, Claudio Strinati, Alessia Vergari. He collaborates with the galleries Ninni Esposito Arte Contemporanea of Bari, xnovodesign of Bruxelles, Fornaciai Art Gallery of Florence, Artespressione di Milano, Die Mauer of Prato, Borghini Arte Contemporanea and Honos Art of Rome, ADD-art of Spoleto.

His works are in Foundations and Private Collections in Bari, Bonn, Basel, Brussels, Dubai, Florence, Foligno, Liege, Madrid, Milan, New York, Padua, Rome, Spoleto and Teheran. He lives and works in Rome in his studio in Piazza Campitelli. Info:

PAOLO VANNUCCINI He lives in Rome and carries out his self-taught artistic activity in his studio atelier in via Archimede. His passion for art began from his early youth, creates and gives life to many works, and continues his long research from material to color, from painting to sculpture. He frequented several contemporary Roman artists with whom he deepened the figurative period overcoming it and thus began to research and experiment with new techniques, passing to the Informal, continuing towards abstraction. His works become material using various materials such as polyurethanes, gypsum, stuccos, filings, etc …, he works a lot on his sensations and emotions looks a lot inside himself, he works a lot on impermanence. He has created various series of works of art starting from – “Rebirth” (rebirth) to “Impermanence”, and following “Oltre” – where recurring this desire to rebuild, reconstruct, start again, regroup reborn, coming out of whirls, labyrinths and walls, small and large walls from which sometimes you can even see a glimmer of light. The light that determines the mood of the artist. According to Paolo Vannuccini: “The mood is at the base of the artistic talent to keep it at bay is difficult, so it is essential to stay with your feet on the ground without illusions of success or go to those of defeat. The artist has little power over himself, exercising self-control is essential to create “. Founded for a period of years, the FP Arte association based in its studio atelier .. It has created meetings, exhibitions, various exhibitions, collective exhibitions, giving life to a real Artistic salon. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions mainly in Rome and Venice. His works are part of several private collections in Italy and abroad. His works distinguish continuous movement almost to verge on the chaos that is in him and around him as it is also described in some reviews. Info: Studio: via Archimede 145 In Rome -tel +39 3383977505

The exhibition:
Andrea Pinchi – Paolo Vannuccini: “Beyond the appearance – Two-way game in the rooms of the Art”.

Art Curator: Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia

Place: Eitch Borromini Art Gallery, Via Santa Maria dell’Anima 30, Rome

Opening: from March 15th to May 14th 2018

Hours: Monday to Sunday 11 am-8 pm free admission

Information: Tel: +39 06 6861425

Facebook page:

Press Office: Rosi Fontana Press & Public Relations – – mob. +39 335562324

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