Emiliano Toso. 432Hz concert The Tree Of Music Tour

Emiliano Toso 2022 Botanical Garden of Rome Emiliano with concert attendees feeling the music from underneath the piano.

Emiliano Toso PhD. describes his music as Translational Music. He performed to a sold out audience at L’Orto Botanico di Roma along with his piano, and a Plants Play device. His compositions effortlessly matching the splendid greenery and sounds of nature.

He is a Cell Biologist, a self-taught Musician and Composer and has worked alongside well-known scientists such as Bruce Lipton and has participated in International conferences with prominent scholars, doctors and visionaries such as Gregg Braden, Dott. Franco Berrino, Deepak Chopra and many others.

Emiliano Toso concert – Orto Botanico Roma 2022

He defines Translational Music as the way he translates his emotions on a deep cellular level to a higher one which is music. But please do not be surprised if there are people dancing, crying, lying down, or dancing at his concerts, it is ok and allowed. How is this possible you might be asking?

This latest tour is with his newest album L’Albero della Musica (The Music Tree) and the piano is tuned to the frequency of 432Hz, instead of 440Hz which was adopted as the International Standard in 1953. He states that, “Thanks to resonance, vibrations spread more quickly, universally and naturally until they reach other cells, other people, the whole humanity. This way they bring well-being, improve cooperation, and let us reconcile with our Soul.” There are numerous scientific studies that are easily found online that favor the 432Hz argument that it is beneficial for health on all levels such as mind, body and spirit. His music is played in schools, hospitals and wellness centers.

Interview with Emiliano Toso, PhD.: «Translational Music: A Sea of Cells Under A Music Sky»

Tell me about the title of your new album The Music Tree?
I connected in these two years with nature, I see the tree as the connection between sky and the ground, so this CD contains some peculiar ingredients that were never before in my music like La Forza – the force, the power, the strength, the fire, the ground – because my other music was more air, water, sky, clouds, and this is why I also need to be barefoot sometimes to stay grounded. But in these two years I felt the power, but the gentleness and sweetness are always in my music, I like to have this feminine expression but in this CD you feel very strongly the grounding, the roots, the strength.

Plants Play

Plants Play device that allows you to listen to the music generated by plants and trees.

Who does the artwork for your albums?
My mother. For each song that I compose my mother listens and translates it into a watercolor. This is quite touching for me because I can see my music. It’s not one person by chance, it’s my mother so when I see the watercolor I come back to the womb of my mother, I recognize the feeling. The people can see the music before listening to the music. This is nice.

Talk about the click that happened when you were 40 years old?
I was a 100% scientist and no one knew I had a piano, playing alone closed in my room, transferring my emotions to the piano and I never wanted anyone to listen to my music. At 40 I decided to make the best gift to myself for my birthday. After many months passed, I was coming out from the shower, normally in the shower ideas come to me, the universe connects. I was crazy about the idea to have a CD with my best compositions but I didn’t know how to start it and I didn’t have any tools. I never studied piano, I only started playing as a kind of game. At that moment I felt the click of the universe and it was a symphony of synchronicities.

What happened?
The universe gave me all the tools I needed to make the CD, a villa with an auditorium in a quiet place, a microphone , a good piano I was happy about because the one I had was a simple keyboard. I also discovered my mother could translate my music into paintings. I really felt in that time that the universe decided for me that I have to do the CD. Then another click came when I decided to give the CD to the invitees of my birthday party, then they started to share the CD to hospitals, schools, a yoga center, and I received feedback the day after that my music was also good for other people as they benefited at the level of wellbeing. In the hospital to release pain, in school to increase focus, memory and concentration, for childbirth. As a scientist I was quite curious because I never studied the affect of music on our body our biology. I have been invited to perform concerts in Canada, Spain, and Italy.

Translational Music is a Sea of Cells under a Music Sky. Most of the instruction comes from the Universe. The way the music diffused worldwide was in an old way, person to person. As light diffuses so does this music, no one understands how I can make a living from this music without using social media, with no agency, festivals, etc.

What’s the most important thing you want people to feel or experience?
I like people to feel free as I feel free to play, I never know what I will play. I like people to feel free to move, free to listen as they like without judgement without imprinting. I don’t like people to applaud. I like the silence after the song, to feel the organism we will create. Everyone is a different cell so we are all different, like the different cells of our body, cells that are being born, dying, young, old. The flow of the music and life are the most important things that make us alive. With every concert I like to listen to the flow to see what will be the best nutrition for us today.

If you could compose with someone living or not, who would it be?
Hmmm, I never thought about that. I composed one song with Ezio Bosso who was a disabled musician who passed away two years ago. When he died I was seeing a piano and a kind of a wind made me play and I felt together with him. I also like to compose when I see a dancer that moves, I like to play watching the movement of the dancer. I like translations so I translate the dance into music and the music into dance. The same with watercolors.

Are you working on a new project?
Now I’m writing a book that will be released in October. I describe my two ways of growing up. The first way was growing up and if you are good you succeed, I found a job as a scientist which I loved, this was institutional. The other way was wild, about music, because I never studied music so I understood by myself how to approach a piano. I love my piano so I don’t have the technical part but I compose in my way and now I’m teaching professional musicians how to play in my way. It’s not about exhibition it’s about sharing. It’s not about judging, if someone likes to dance, someone likes to cry. I also like people under the piano to have a different perspective of listening.

One of my dreams now is to play together with the dolphins in the wild sea.

How will you do that?
I will do that in the south of Italy. My collaborator Daniela Faieta is working on it.

Will you come back to Rome this year?
I will be here again 2022 August 3rd with Daniela Lucangeli, PhD., a Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology professor from the University of Padua. Because we are going to revolutionize the schools in Italy, she is involved with the Government and I’m helping her to bring the value of cooperation, to create schools that are in the nature of children, where the school conforms to the nature of children and not the other way around.
We will be at the Villa dei Talenti. There will be a conference and a concert.

Villa dei Talenti
Via Umberto Fracchia, 8, 00137 Roma RM
Find his upcoming events at https://www.emilianotoso.com/event-directory/


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  1. La musica è la terapia più potente in natura secondo me, e farla in armonia con la natura stessa, la rende ancora più magica e ancora più potente. Complimenti davvero!

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