The exhibition of Bill Viola, the greatest contemporary video art artist, at Palazzo Bonaparte until June 26, is an authoritative and suggestive synthesis of various expressions: visual, poetic, aesthetic, pictorial, psychological, and much more.

Thanks to the 15 video-masterpieces projected in the rooms of one of the most beautiful eighteenth-century palaces in the capital, we pass seamlessly from Western to Eastern culture. You hardly notice the differences thanks to the harmonious flow of the iconic images.

Time is slow and the spaces are wide. The visitor is invited to stop, sit on the sofas and immerse himself in the show in front of him and he feels the desire to immerse himself within himself.


In this way, the different senses are always experienced within the walls of the museum. In front of “The reflecting pool” we feel immersed in the water of the pool, watching “Observance“, among all, the most brilliant video, we feel the bewilderment of the characters, which shakes us beyond expectations. Words are not needed to express emotions, to experience anguish, in fact, just look at the face of the man and the woman of “Unspoken – Silver and Golden”, which are the proof.


The slow-motion of “The greetings” is inspired by Pontormo’s masterpiece “The visitation” (1528-29). The initial 45 seconds of the encounter between three contemporary women are transformed into a ten-minute choreography punctuated by deafening and vigorous silences. The sequences of ‘”Ascension” makes us stay in suspension, almost in apnea, as well as in front of the three videos of “Portraits of water“. The last room with the sequences of the four elements air, earth, water, and fire fully expresses the passions of man, of which we feel the differences in vibrations.


Everyone can enjoy these powerful images resulting from a harmonious mix of art and technology, no one excluded, regardless of language, culture, and origin. Images that make you think and encourage introspection. The muffled and dark environment of the exhibition facilitates this alternative journey, away from the external everyday life.

Curator of the exhibition Kira Perov, wife of the artist and executive director of the Bill Viola Studio. Forty years of work are unfolded through a careful selection of works, in a path that goes from 1977-9 until 2013. Take the right time and enjoy this total immersion.

For more details see the website of Palazzo Bonaparte

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