There is always a good reason to come to Turin, this year Eurovision

There is always a good reason to go to Turin. I joined her moved by the Eurovision Song Contest final but if I had waited a few days, the “Book Fair” would have welcomed me in the same cordial way.
Turin, the protagonist city of the seventies of the last century, discovered in the two thousand years, an unexpected tourist vocation. Pop with the songs of the Eurovision Song Contest and cultural with the book fair at its peak.
Not taking advantage of it would have been a shame, especially since this administration has put the concept of tourist enhancement into a system by making the famous museums accessible and discounted and a guide like the Lonley Planet to help tourists. Resisting all these comforts would have been impossible!


In Turin, everything worked: the train, the bus and parking at the Eurovision Festival, the discount on museums and even the hairdresser that would allow me to access the Eurovision press room without being too ashamed!
During my vacation, I managed to visit the GAM (modern art gallery) and the Lombroso Museum, the Fruit Museum and even the Anatomy Museum without a hitch before getting lost in the rock songs of the Eurofestival.
Turin can also be so wonderful without making a reference to the Egyptian Museum, the Mole Antoneliana, or the gianduiotti or the food hallal of Porta Palazzo …
The living room of the “Savoy” has remained so, storing beauty even in lesser known places such as the Church of the sacred face which surprises you with its scent of wood, of a freshly cut tree in an ocean of steel and concrete that covers the park that surrounds it. surrounds.
Turin is an incredible city because if you browse through the Eurovision Song Contest link, you can verify that the requisites necessary to support this event are indeed many. True hospitality, for thousands of individuals, is not a trivial matter. Being able to meet the needs of 40 countries such as those that participated in this edition is certainly not an easy task.
At the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 I can assure you that there was a joyful atmosphere, we witnessed a beautiful show reminiscent of medieval jousting … Only the best samples of the song from the 40 competing countries were admitted and each of them knew of contending for a symbolic trophy that the “sound of beauty” could raise everyone’s minds.
The city of Turin has become a stage and the sound of beauty has been heard throughout Europe.

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