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And so once you’ve seen Bernini, Canova and Michelangelo you think: “OK, marble sculpture is part of the past, wonderful but past” and then you realise that you were wrong, because there is a reincarnation of all three and his name is Jacopo Cardillo da Frosinone, aka JAGO, all in capital letters, because his art is capitalised, and with chisel, hammer and flex, from a marble polyhedron, he carves his ‘Pieta’, referring to a famous shot and re-actualising it, or because he creates the smallest sculpture and sends it into space, creating a real sort of continuity with the monolith of 2001 and signs it with his imprint of blood. Or because he sculpts the pope, as so many have done, but then lays him bare, transforming the work itself into ‘Expolation’, annulling the first work as Benedict XVI, annulled his pontificate. Jago, he enters the marble and from the marble he revives, as if he were in an operating theatre, complete with a griffe to keep the skin dilated. He carves, elaborates, transmutes and transfigures reality, making possible the emptiness of a stone, the pulsating dilation of a heart, the falling beauty of a beautiful Venus where, playing with the public, he also creates an enigma that, in order to solve it, you would like to stay there and search among all those real veins of the marble and those created by him on the body, but you know that everything ends and so you leave… but you talk about it! Yes, you talk about it, because Jago is a modern artist, and that’s what he wants! A free, versatile artist in step with the times, so everything is presented with elegant videos in which he alternates the timelapse technique with elegant camera movements.

Jago is young and social with the experience of centuries.
Until 3 July, Rome – Palazzo Bonaparte
Address: Piazza Venezia, 5, 00186 Rome RM
Sunday 09-21
Mondays 09-19
Tuesday 09-19
Wednesday 09-19
Thursday 09-19
Friday 09-19
Saturday 09-21

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