per una donna (11)

by Letizia Russo
directed by Manuel Renga
artistic supervision Serena Sinigaglia
Sandra Zoccolan
scenes Stefano Zullo
lights Alessandro Verazzi
Theatre production ATIR Railing

A woman . Two women . For all the women of the world . One act , one voice and all those microphones , all those tears from screaming at all these people who did not understand anything . Cries of desire in wanting the other . One woman , long hair , the short dress and two lips that do not know where to go . Crazy, just , able to love but like everyone else . And then that guilt . Takes shape and is now a noose , that does not do his duty against the devastating invasion of cables without sound . That silence impossible consciousness that makes no noise even looking for him , but it is hidden and it hurts . A fatuous smoke without fire . So in the drama stumbles banality of the heart .

Photo by Valeria Tomasulo
Valeria Tomasulo

About Valeria Tomasulo

Valeria Tomasulo è nata a Melfi nel 1983 in provincia di Potenza (Basilicata) ... Vive a Roma ormai da circa 10 anni. Dopo 3 anni circa di apprendistato-lavoro in teatro, svolge oggi la professione di fotografa e video maker.

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