Reazione a catena

“Reazione a catena” it is a documentary filmed in Ostia (Rome) completely developed by Gianmaria Civitarese for the project “I Immediately Return 2017” in collaboration with the Region Lazio and “Millepiani Coworking”


Experiences of people as us that a life they had as ours, in this system to chain and when a ring the world breaks him you can overwhelm you and to make you be shipwrecked in circles danteschi

These are taken back by a hidden television camera, they tell that it tells the history behind the faces of the ghosts

Gianmaria Civitarese aka “OMBRA” producer of Rap \ Hip-Hop music, sound technician – Sound Engineer.

-The Paradise of Demons (produced by P-tech Santiago) 2011
-Black Mamba mixtape (dj mix by Dj Trew) 2012
-That’s Nasty album, (produced by P-tech Santiago) 2014
-Blanco (collaboration with: Jordy Simons, P-tech Santiago, Thirdeye Focused) 2015
– Synthetic Music – produced by Ombra. (Coming Soon)


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