The national day of libraries, organized by the Italian Library Association, was founded in 2012 as a response from the library community to the indignation caused by the sadly known story of the Girolamini. The event, called “Bibliopride” just to underline the pride of the library, was designed as a day of celebration, to be carried out inside and outside libraries, animated by librarians and by all those who, for various reasons, work in and for libraries to guarantee access to information and knowledge.

After the 2012 edition in Naples, in 2013 in Florence, in 2014 in Lecce and in Puglia, in 2015 in Milan, the city of EXPO, with the international conference Strong libraries, strong societies, in 2016 back to Naples and in its libraries, 2017 was the year of Pistoia, in 2018 it arrives in Rome.

The realization of the event also takes place thanks to a form of corporate sponsorship and to the volunteering of individuals!


On 22 September 2018, for the first time in Rome, the seventh edition of the National Library Day will be held, the Bibliopride 2018, this year dedicated to the theme of new library models for new readers and new territories.

The program, which is being defined, is organized in collaboration with the Rome Libraries Institution and will include numerous initiatives in different parts of the city, alternating moments of reflection on the role of libraries (round tables, temporary exhibitions, guided tours, distribution of bibliographic materials on themes of the day) to moments of celebration to involve all citizens (projections, reading marathons, activities for children, musical interludes, meetings with writers, contests that will see the book and reading in the center).

The day of Saturday 22 and the city of Rome will be the heart of the event, but for the entire week beginning September 17 we rely on the commitment of libraries, institutions, associations to organize initiatives throughout the country.

We would like to highlight, in particular, library models that traditionally have less voice: prison libraries, scholastic libraries, but also initiatives in reading circles and virtuous examples of collaboration between libraries and different institutions.


All events

17/09/2018, 10:00; 4:00 pm – Guided tours of the library
Rome (RM)

Notes on the history of the library, description of the library and archival heritage, visit to the ancient and rare collections.

Organized by: Library of the Lelio Foundation and Lisli Basso

In collaboration with:

Fondazione Lelio and Lisli Basso Onlus, Via della Dogana vecchia, 5, Rome (RM).

Info: 066879953 –, Maurizio Locusta


17/09/2018, 17:00 – “Ildegarda di Bingen – La Sibilla Renana”
Genzano di Roma (RM)

Screening of the film “Vision: aus dem leben der Hildegard von Bingen” by Margarethe von Trotta (France, Germany 2009), to complete the event on Sunday 16 September “Women open heaven. On the trail of Hildegard of Bingen “.

Organized by: Municipality of Genzano di Roma, Municipal Library, SBCR Consortium

In collaboration with:

“Carlo Levi” Municipal Library, Viale Mazzini, 12, Genzano di Roma (RM).

Info: 0693956063 int.10 –


17/09/2018, 15:00 – Guided visit to the Library of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and Corsiniana
Roma (RM)

In the Academy’s cultural project (founded in 1603) the library played the essential role, next to the museum, of the central core of the “Liceo”, conceived as a meeting place for scholars of different disciplines. The Library of Corsini princes, on the other hand, bears witness to the tendencies of library collecting between the 18th and 19th centuries.
The guided tour is designed for a group of 30 people: if a greater number of bookings were received, the visit will be repeated at 16.00.

Organized by: Library of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and Corsiniana

In collaboration with:

Library of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and Corsiniana, c / o Palazzo Corsini, Via della Lungara, 12, Rome (RM).

Info: –


18/09/2018, 17:30 – Exposition drawings of the competition for the realization of the crucifix of the Church of S. Francesco all’Immacolata
Messina (ME)

Presentation to the city of the donation of the drawings and acts of the competition for the construction of the crucifix to be placed in the altar of the Church of the Immaculate. Sketches, plastic material and drawings by Italian and foreign artists who participated in the competition will be exhibited.

Organized by: Municipality of Messina

In collaboration with:

“Tommaso Cannizzaro” Municipal Library, Viale Boccetta, 373 Palacultura, Messina (ME).

Info: 0907723499 –


18/09/2018, 21:00 – Reading group
Corciano (PG)

Evening reading group for all the fans who want to share the same pleasure with others. For this meeting the chosen book is “Letter to my judge” by Georges Simenon.

Organized by:

In collaboration with:

“Gianni Rodari” municipal library, Via Settembrini s.n.c., Corciano (PG).

Info: 0755188291 –


19/09/2018, 18:00 – Bibliomakers: the factory of ideas in the library
Rome (RM)

The meeting is dedicated to the introduction of fablabs in libraries, starting from the experience of the “F. Giovenale” Library in Rome, one year after the launch of the Bibliomakers project, a space to promote the culture of innovation and sharing, with activities and making workshops dedicated to primary school pupils up to the involvement of families, professionals and institutions and associations in the area.

Organized by: AIB Lazio, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Libraries of Rome, Goethe-Institut Rom

In collaborazione con:

Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Via del Quadraro, 102, Roma (RM).

Info: –


19/09/2018, 17:30 – Albano writes … We meet the writers of our city
Albano Laziale (RM)

The writers of the territory of Albano Laziale present their editorial innovations to citizenship through the form of literary dialogue. Each will present the text of the other and during their interventions there will be musical intervals, performed by a transverse flute and piano. The goal of the event is to introduce and promote local writers.

Organized by: Municipality of Albano Laziale

In collaboration with: Consorzio SCR


Museo Civico, Sala delle Conferenze, Via Risorgimento, 3, Albano Laziale (RM).

Info: 069320534 –,


19/09/2018, 14:00-18:00 – Extraordinary opening and guided tours to the documentation center
Treviso (TV)

Brief history of the documentation center (library, archive, iconographic archive, cartography), explanation of the activities and visit to the collections. Visiting hours: 16:00 and 17:00.

Organized by: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

In collaboration with:

Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, Centro documentazione, Via Cornarotta, 7-9, Treviso (TV).

Info: 0422512103 –


19/09/2018, 16:00 – La biblioteca “luogo terzo” tra modelli biblioteconomici e politica pubblica
Modena (MO)

Public conversation with Nicola Cavalli on the concept of the Library as “third place”, starting from the theoretical point of view to get to comment on practical examples and to analyze public policies that can allow the realization.
Nicola Cavalli, a collaborator of the University of Milan Bicocca, has been working for years on research and training in the field of new technologies applied to training, publishing and libraries.

Organized by: AIB Emilia-Romagna

In collaboration with: Biblioteca Delfini of the Municipality of Modena, Modenese Library Pole

Delfini Library of Modena, Conference Room, Corso Canalgrande, 103, Modena (MO).




19/09/2018, 17:00 – La Biblioteca Vallicelliana tra passato e presente
Roma (RM)

On the occasion of the Bibliopride 2018 the Vallicelliana Library opens its doors to the public with a guided tour of the Institute’s historical, artistic and bibliographic heritage and the exhibition “From seed to tablet: cocoa in the funds of the Biblioteca Vallicelliana”, which collects some important documents starting from the Epistle of Christopher Columbus to the sovereigns Ferdinand of Castile and Isabella of Aragon after his return from the American continent.

Organized by: Biblioteca Vallicelliana

In collaboration with:


Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Piazza della Chiesa Nuova, 18, Roma (RM).

Info: 06.68802671 –


19/09/2018, 17:00 – Readings in the clinic
Corciano (PG)

The clinic of Dr. Bellaveglia, Dr. Bernacchi and Dr. Francario, in collaboration with the Municipal Library of Corciano, adheres to the project “Nati per leggere” which promotes reading aloud to children from 0 to 6 years.
Meeting organized by the voluntary NPL reader, Matilde Biagioli.
At the pediatric clinic, Via Gramsci, 8-12, Ellera di Corciano.

Organized by:

In collaboration with:

“Gianni Rodari” municipal library, Via Settembrini s.n.c., Corciano (PG).

Info: 0755188291 –


19/09/2018, 15:00 – A.A.A. great little readers wanted
Genova (GE)

Reading reading aloud and stories told with the Kamishibai for children aged 3 to 8 years. Curated by Laura Paruscio.
At 4 pm for adults who want to get to know the Villa and its beauties, free guided tour departing from the Nymphaeum.

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca Lercari, Ninfeo della lettura – Villa Imperiale, Via San Fruttuoso, 74, Genova (GE).

Info: 010505890 –


19/09/2018, 16:00-17:00 – From the past to the future: ancient books for new readers
Rome (RM)

On the occasion of the 2018 Bibliopride week, Wednesday 19 September, from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm, the Casanatense library offers a guided tour of the monumental hall and the library.
info promotion office 0669760328

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca Casanatense, Via S. Ignazio, 52, Roma (RM).

Info: 0669760328 –


20/09/2018, 9:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00 – Baratto in villa
Pescia (PT)

Exchange of books on the library square or in case of bad weather in the Limonaia. Setting up tables where users can display books to exchange, involving schools in a festive atmosphere.

Organized by: Comune di Pescia

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca C. Magnani a villa Sismindi., Villa Sismondi Valchiusa, Pescia (PT).

Info: 0572490949 –


20/09/2018, 16:00 – Together with the patients. Because medicine can not do without dialogue
Pordenone (PN)

Dialogue with MariaGiovanna Luini and Giovanni Stanghellini. Introduced by Silvia Franceschi. Moderate Nicolas Gruarin

Organized by: Scientific Library and for Patients of the CRO in Aviano

In collaboration with: Pordenone energia

Auditorium Istituto Vendramini, Via Beata E. Vendramini, 2, Pordenone (PN).

Info: –


20/09/2018, 17:30 – Book presentation
Messina (ME)

Presentation of the poetry book of the vernacular poet Enzo Rosana.

Organized by: Municipality of Messina

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca Comunale “Tommaso Cannizzaro”, Sala lettura, Viale Boccetta, 373 Palacultura , Messina (ME).

Info: 0907723499 –


20/09/2018, 17:00 – Books to art
Corciano (PG)

Reading and laboratory by Fiorenza Giannini, for girls and children aged 6 to 10 years.

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca comunale “Gianni Rodari”, Via Settembrini s.n.c., Corciano (PG).

Info: 0755188291 –


20/09/2018, 17:00 – Bibliopride dei bambini alla Biblioteca De Amicis. Reading pride
Genova (GE)

Share reading with pride and pleasure, for children between 4 and 8 years.
Free participation by reservation at the library numbers.

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca De Amicis, Magazzini del Cotone, I modulo, Porto Antico , Genova (GE).

Info: 0105579560 –


20/09/2018, 17:00 – A story for the summer – Literary competition
Genzano di Roma (RM)

Award ceremony of the literary competition “A story for the summer” reserved for children aged 5 to 14, who have been asked to write a short story that contains emotions, desires, dreams and fantasies, for a maximum of 15 lines, starting from two incipit proposed in the announcement.

Organized by: Municipality of Genzano di Roma, Department of Culture, Municipal Library

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca comunale “Carlo Levi”, Viale Mazzini, 12, Genzano di Roma (RM).

Info: 0693956063 int.10 –


20/09/2018, 10:30 – Guided tour of the Angelica Library
Roma (RM)

La Biblioteca Angelica, fondata nel 1604 dal vescovo agostiniano Angelo Rocca (1546-1620), fu la prima biblioteca europea aperta al pubblico. L’innovativo regolamento, voluto proprio da Angelo Rocca, di una biblioteca aperta a tutti senza limiti di stato e di censo destò l’interesse di un pubblico sempre crescente e la fama della Biblioteca si diffuse ben presto tra gli studiosi di tutta Europa.

Organizzato da: Biblioteca Angelica

In collaborazione con:

Biblioteca Angelica, Piazza di S. Agostino, 8, Roma (RM).

Info: –


21/09/2018, 21:00 – Papi all’inferno: l’uso dell’Aldilà in Dante con Rossana Guglielmetti e Paolo Chiesa
Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

“Popes in hell: the use of the afterlife in Dante” is the theme of the second appointment of “Yes I was sixth between so much sense”, a series of meetings that includes two conferences and the game of the goose “ stop a group “by the research group” Dantean Coordinates “of the University of Milan.

Organized by: “Pietro Lincoln Cadioli” Library

In collaboration with: Research group “Coordinate Dantesche” (University of Milan)

Biblioteca Centrale, Villa Visconti d’Aragona, Via Dante, 6, Sesto San Giovanni (MI).

Info: 0224968800 –


21/09/2018, 17:00 – Presentation of the book “The pancakes of Palmyra, Mugello recipes”
Scarperia (FI)

Presentation of the book “Le frittelle della Palmyra”. A book in which the recipes are stories that bring to life environments, fragments of life in a corner of Tuscany many years ago. At the end of the presentation an aperitif will be offered with tasting of some of the traditional recipes told in the book.

Organized by: Municipality of Scarperia and San Piero

In collaboration with: Libreria Parigi & oltre

Palazzo dei Vicari, Via Roma, 73, Scarperia (FI).

Info: 0558431603-630 –


21/09/2018, 21:30 –Presentation of the books “Arrendersi mai” and “Neuromotivazione”
Campiglia Marittima (LI)

The authors of the two books “Arrendersi mai” and “Neuromotivazione” will be present. They treat, also on the basis of autobiographical experiences, the concepts of self-esteem, motivation and how to promote these cognitive abilities even in difficult situations, such as illness.

Organized by: “Renato Fucini” Library of Venturina Terme

In collaboration with:

Saletta comunale “La Pira” a Venturina Terme , Largo della Fiera, 3, Campiglia Marittima (LI).

Info: 0565839301-839334 –


21/09/2018, 18:00 – Rappo … so I am
Corciano (PG)

Music afternoon …

Organized by:

In collaboration with: “Humus Sapiens” Association

Biblioteca comunale “Gianni Rodari”, giardino antistante, Via Settembrini s.n.c., Corciano (PG).

Info: 0755188291 –


17/09/2018, 10:00 – Bibliopride of the children at the Biblioteca De Amicis. Workshops for schools
Genova (GE)

In the week of the Bibliopride, we propose:
• Librarians for a day
To get to know the backstage of the library and borrow a book, arrange books on the shelf, read aloud, choose books and films. For classes of III, IV or V of primary school
• Book hunting with the app
The laboratory where the tablet is used to solve all the interactive tests until reaching the final treasure

For classes of primary and secondary of I °.
Free participation by reservation at the library numbers.

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca De Amicis, Magazzini del Cotone, I modulo, Porto Antico , Genova (GE).

Info: 0105579560 –


21/09/2018, 14:30 – Guided tour of the Luca Pacioli Library
Roma (RM)

Guided tour of the Luca Pacioli library and its robotic system, as well as its display windows.
Booking to the indicated email: limited places.

In collaboration with:

Luca Pacioli Library Ministry of Economy and Finance – Ragioneria Generale dello Stato, Via XX Settembre, 97, Roma (RM).

Info: 0647616358/4228 –


21/09/2018, 21:00 – They were protagonists
Capannori (LU)

Dialogue on some local characters who have distinguished themselves in art and science at the national level.

Organized by: Association of Friends of the Book of Camigliano

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca Mario Tobino, via delle Pianacce 46, Camigliano, Capannori (LU).

Info: 0583920304 –


22/09/2018, 10:00 – Abramo Basevi (1818-1885): the composer, the musicologist, the collector
Firenze (FI)

Abraham Basevi, intellectual and musician, was one of the founders of the Royal Institute, then Conservatory, and he worked at European level giving a fundamental impulse to research and innovations in music and musicology. In the Library of the Conservatory, the almost 4,000 musical books donated by Abraham to his death represent a unicum and even today they are the subject of continuous studies by musicologists all over the world. The exhibition is curated by Santa Tomasello.

Organized by: Luigi Cherubini Music Conservatory

In collaborazione con:

Conservatorio di musica “Luigi Cherubini”, Piazza Belle Arti, 2, Firenze (FI).

Info: 0552989311 –


22/09/2018, 20:00 – BiblioVerifica Italy olympics: proclamazione del podio dei Tutor civici 2018
Ariccia (RM)

Tramite il profilo Facebook di BiblioVerifica faremo una diretta per proclamare il podio delle “BiblioVerifica Italy olympics” competizione (gratuita aperta a tutti i cittadini maggiorenni) per misurare le proprie capacità informative tramite open data, fonti certificate, fact checking, strumenti di verifica on-line in pubblico dominio

Organizzato da: Blog BiblioVerifica

In collaborazione con:

Ariccia, Via Virgilio, 11, Ariccia (RM).

Info: –


22/09/2018, 10:30 – Artemisia, Rita e Margherita: tre storie ribelli
Dicomano (FI)

Laboratorio di arte, teatro e scrittura per bambini dai 5 agli 11 anni, basato sulle biografie di Artemisia Gentileschi, Rita Levi Montalcini e Margherita Hack contenute in “Storie della buonanotte per bambine ribelli”. Ingresso gratuito.

Organizzato da: Comune di Dicomano

In collaborazione con: Evento nell’ambito del calendario “L’eredità delle donne off” in collaborazione con l’associazione AntigonArt

Biblioteca di Dicomano, Piazza della Repubblica, 10, Dicomano (FI).

Info: 0558385936, 0558385408 –


22/09/2018, 11:30 – Lettori dell’anno – Edizione 2018
Vaiano (Prato)

Premiazione dei lettori iscritti alla biblioteca comunale con maggior numero di prestiti nel 2017.

Organizzato da: Comune di Vaiano – Ufficio associato cultura, turismo, sport dei Comuni di Cantagallo, Vaiano, Vernio

In collaborazione con:

Biblioteca comunale Franco Basaglia, Via G. Mazzini, 21, Vaiano (Prato).

Info: 0574942479 –


22/09/2018, 16:30 – I giochi della gentilezza
Piombino (LI)

The Falesian Civic Library participates in the National Day of Kindness Games.


Readings on kindness and peace.

Games: “Words in the story”, “Drawing hugs”, “Hunting for kind words”, “Hunting for Kindness”, “Gentle words chained”, “Gentilgram” for children aged 6 to 10 years.

Thematic shelf with “post-it” bulletin board to leave a message of kindness.

Organized by: Comune di Piombino – Department of Culture

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca civica Falesiana, Via Cavour, 52, Piombino (LI).

Info: 0565226110 –

22/09/2018, 16:00 – The Florentine Municipal Libraries for Bibliopride. Autumn festival
Firenze (FI)

Presentation of the autumn activities of the boys section and two unmissable events for
greet the summer and open a new season of initiatives and meetings at the Thouar Library:
4.00 pm // The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Reading and performances starting from the fairy tale by the Grimm brothers. By Teatro Là.
5.30 pm // Verdementa and fairy tales from the world
Musical reading from the fairy tale by Elisabetta Jankovic with Giorgia Calandrini. By Catalyst.

Organized by: City of Florence

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca Thouar, Piazza Torquato Tasso 3, Firenze (FI).

Info: 0552398740 –


22/09/2018, 18:00 – Presentation of the book “Embrace”
Montelanico (RM)

After “Life, this eternal journey …”, the “roots of the immense” and the “Search for Being”, the young poet Gianpaolo Fiore “prince of the ignorant” returns with his new book of poems and stories “Embrace”.
Saturday 22 September in Montelanico at the council chamber, 6.00 pm.

Organized by: Municipality of Montelanico

In collaboration with: Comune di Montelanico, Sala Consiliare, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Montelanico (RM).

Info: 0697050003


22/09/2018, 17:00 – Adriano Barone presents: Ride – The game of the keeper
Lainate (MI)

Adriano Barone presents his new book, “Ride”, an innovative transmedia project: an experience that goes from cinema to comics and to the novel. Action, mystery, challenge to the limits and crazy acrobatics of young downhill lovers.

Organized by: Lainate Library

In collaboration with: CSBNO

Biblioteca Ariston Urban Center, Largo Vittorio Veneto, 17/21, Lainate (MI).

Info: 0293598208 –


22/09/2018, 17:00 – Women, creativity and artistic expression – Poetic readings
Firenze (FI)

Lectures of poems aloud, by the Authors themselves: Chiara Rantini, Claudia Muscolino and Romina Bramanti of the Associations “Born to write” and “Affluenti new poetry Fiorentina”. Music and songs by Eleonora Sbraci.

Organized by: City of Florence

In collaboration with: “L’Eredità delle Donne” Festival, Florentine Summer 2018

Biblioteca Filippo Buonarroti, Viale Guidoni, 188 c/o Villa Pozzolini, Firenze (FI).

Info: 055432506 –


22/09/2018, 10:30 – The reader reader. Morning with games and readings dedicated to the most assiduous readers of our library
Pontassieve (FI)

Premort of the reader who has taken more books on loan in the library in 2017. Categories adults and children. Morning with games and toast for everyone.

Organized by: Biblioteca comunale di Pontassieve

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca comunale di Pontassieve, Via Tanzini, 23, Pontassieve (FI).

Info: 0558360255 –


22/09/2018, 10:00 –

Le Biblioteche comunali fiorentine per il Bibliopride. Inaugurazione Villa Bambini

Firenze (FI)

Inauguration of Villa Bambini, the new children and youth section of the “Villa Bandini” Municipal Library of Florence (Quartiere Tre). Interventions, workshops, animation, and a small refreshment.

Organized by: City of Florence

In collaboration with: Coop Fi


Biblioteca Villa Bandini, Via di Ripoli, 118 – Via del Paradiso, 5, Firenze (FI).

Info: 0556585127 –


22/09/2018, 9:30 – Bibliopride 2018
Alba Adriatica (TE)

In occasione del Bibliopride la Biblioteca Comunale di Alba Adriatica effettuerà per la prima volta l’orario continuato dalle 9:30 alle 18:30. Si vuol rispondere alle richieste degli studenti, soprattutto universitari, di prolungare l’orario di apertura dell’ente culturale.

Organizzato da: Biblioteca comunale di Alba Adriatica

In collaborazione con: Pro Loco Spiaggia d’Argento

Villa Flaiani, Via Roma, 32, Alba Adriatica (TE).

Info: 3497594945 –


22/09/2018, 10:30 – Storie innamorate: amori epistolari fra gli animali del bosco Letture in musica
Corciano (PG)

Cosa succede quando un leone feroce, re incontrastato della savana, si innamora di una leonessa che adora leggere all’ombra degli alberi? E se il leone, che vuole recapitarle la più bella lettera d’amore mai scritta, si accorgesse tutto ad un tratto di non sapere scrivere? Questa è la storia di come gli abitanti della savana cercano di aiutarlo, scrivendo ciascuno la propria personalissima “lettera d’amore per una leonessa”.
Lettura e rielaborazione dei testi a cura di Michele Volpi, Rinoceronte.

Organizzato da:

In collaborazione con:

Biblioteca comunale “Gianni Rodari”, Via Settembrini s.n.c., Corciano (PG).

Info: 0755188291 –


22/09/2018, 10:00 – Biblioteca diffusa
Lenola (LT)

Distribuzione di libri presso i luoghi prescelti.

Organizzato da: Pro loco Lenola

In collaborazione con:

Pro loco Lenola, Località Colle , Lenola (LT).

Info: 3475059209 –


22/09/2018, 10:30 – Letture in musica
Villa Verucchio (RN)

La Biblioteca comunale di Villa Verucchio, in collaborazione con il gruppo “Amici della biblioteca”, organizza delle letture in musica con testi tratti da libri aventi per tema “I libri e le biblioteche”; alla chitarra: Christian Di Silvestri.
L’iniziativa è curata dai lettori volontari del progetto nazionale “Nati per leggere”.
Ingresso libero e gratuito.

Organizzato da:

In collaborazione con:

Biblioteca comunale di Verucchio, Piazza Europa, 1, Villa Verucchio (RN).

Info: 0541671166 –

Biblioteca comunale Don Milani


22/09/2018, 10:00 – BiblioPride alla Biblioteca Centrale Ragazzi
Roma (RM)

The Central Library for Children will participate in the event during the morning of September 22nd, dedicating its activities to the enhancement of the library as a meeting place, aggregation and discovery for adults and children.
For adults, illustration workshop with Simone Rea and guided tours of the library and the archaeological area of Palazzo Specchi with A. Di Giovanni and A. Aquilanti; for children, readings aloud with the Apelettura with P. Grossi.

Organizzato da: Biblioteca Centrale Ragazzi

In collaborazione con: Biblioteche di Roma, Sovraintendenza Capitolina

Biblioteca Centrale Ragazzi, Via di San Paolo alla Regola, 15-18, Roma (RM).

Info: 0645460390/396 –


22/09/2018, 10:00 – “Ricicreando…in biblioteca: letture e laboratori di riciclo creativo”
Monte Porzio Catone (RM)

Exceptional opening Saturday, September 22 from 9.30 to 13.00 and for the occasion will be opened for the first time the library garden, where we will play, from 10.00 to 12.00, the animated readings and workshops on creative recycling.
The readings will be taken care of while the laboratories will be carried out by the Association The island that there is.

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca comunale, Piazza Trieste, 12-13, Monte Porzio Catone (RM).

Info: 069447528 –


22/09/2018, 17:00 – Bibliopride: la tua prima volta che…
Rocca Priora (RM)

The reading groups of the libraries of Rocca Priora, Lariano and Ciampino invite you to the
“Bibliopride: your first time …”
We will talk about libraries, books and readers.
Take a book with you to share with us and be ready to tell us your “first time”.
The event is coordinated by Barbara Porretta, curator of the “Libri in valigia” blog.

Organized by: Rocca Priora Library – Lariano Library – Ciampino Library – Blog “Books in a suitcase”

In collaboration with:

Biblioteca comunale “L. Porcari” , Via F. Giacci, 3, Rocca Priora (RM).

Info: 0694073020 –


22/09/2018, 10:30 – The right to peace: animated reading and a workshop for children aged 3 to 9 years
Massa Lombarda (RA)

The C. Venturini Cultural Center celebrates the International Day of Peace (which occurs every year on September 21) with the exhibition
bibliographic “The right to peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70,” the reading of the book “THE BLUE CLOUD” by TOMI UNGERER, and the laboratory “The symbol of Peace turns 60, but does not show them”. The initiative is aimed at children aged 3 to 9 years. Free admission

Organized by: Municipality of Massa Lombarda

In collaboration with:

Centro Culturale C. Venturini, Viale Zaganelli, 2, Massa Lombarda (RA).

Info: 0545985812 –


23/09/2018, 17:00 – Bibliopride 2018 a Cori – Giornata nazionale delle biblioteche
Cori (LT)

Appointment of the review “Brains on stage” (re-examination of the thesis to know the specialists of a territory), Egizia Cecchi will present her thesis “Imagining the public library”, accompanied by Chiara Faggiolani and introduced by Chiara Teodori and Roberta Montepeloso on the topic of the Bibliopride 2018.
Preparation of a collective photographic exhibition to narrate the library through images.

Organized by: Cori Civic Library

In collaboration with: Municipality of Cori, Association of Friends of the Museum of the city and the territory of Cori

Biblioteca civica di Cori “Elio Filippo Accrocca”, Vicolo Macari, 10, Cori (LT).

Info: 069677526 –

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By Rome Central Redazione

The Rome Central - Italy in the world  editorial staff consists of freelance editors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, doctors, writers, video-makers, supporters, poets, writers, actors, singers and many friends. RomeCentral is a Magazine completely no-profit , whoever writes in this magazine does his job without any commercial pressure. NB: No people in Rome Central, from managers to employees etc .., receive any type of compensation. The love for the free journalism repays all our efforts.

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