Asian Restaurants in Rome: Some of the Best

Roma_cucina_ristorante_asiatico_giapponese_vietnamita_cineseMany Romans, accustomed to Italian food excellent, although not very loving foreign cuisine often go to eat sushi, especially if it’s a date.
In fact, the kitchen is not Italian in Rome has not improved much in recent years. The most renowned restaurants, as Hamasei and Green T are definitely good, but a little expensive, and many others are frequented only by a matter of momentary fashion.

Among the best include:

1. Hamasei [Japanese]
One of the first Japanese restaurants in Rome, is regarded by many as the best restaurant in Japan to Rome especially for the quality of raw materials and traditional flavors. The service is great and the waitresses dressed in kimono
It is located in Via della Mercede 35-36 Rome, Italy
Tel (+39) 066 792 413
Price: not less than 40 Euros
{google_map} via della Mercede 35-36  Roma{/google_map}

2. Green T [Chinese Food]
This trendy restaurant and expensive but according to some is one of the few in Rome that serves authentic Chinese cuisine in the kitchen using cooking techniques handled by expert hands with the use of raw materials of the season.
It is located on Via del Footer Marble, 28, Rome, Italy
Tel (+39) 066 798 628
Price: not less than 40 Euros
{google_map} via del Piè di Marmo, 28 Roma{/google_map}

3. Dao [Chinese Food]
Riistorante with great looks. Elegant, refined and clean. Much appreciated dagl iitaliani as the dishes are ‘Italianised’. Good food but you can not always hear the oriental flavors.
For those who enjoy a more China ‘Italianate’ this place is perfect.
Located in the Ionian Avenue, 328-330 Rome, Italy
Tel 0687197573
Price: 35 €

4. The Zen Sushi [Japanese]
In this restaurant the plates that run on “kaiten2, the conveyor belt, they are good quality and as in almost all the restaurants” with the band “are divided by color and price. Besides the traditional dishes are also served creative interpretations that appeal to Westerners also more convinced.
Address: 243 Scipios of Rome, Italy
Tel 063213420
Prices: 40 €
{google_map} viale Jonio, 328-330 Roma{/google_map}

5. Hang Zhou as “Sonia” [Chinese Food]
Frequented by VIPs Roman aesthetically is similar to many other Chinese restaurants, has walls covered with photos of the owner, Sonia, along with celebrities. Characterized by the presence of small rooms where you can eat privately. The service is quick and efficient, prices a bit higher than average and the food is very good.
Via Principe Eugenio 82, 00184 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 064872732
Price: Euro 20 -25
{google_map} Via Principe Eugenio 82 Roma{/google_map}

6. Hasekura [Japanese]
Small restaurant, one of the first in the Japanese capital. It is advisable to book well in the middle of the week. As we often see at the cinema in this restaurant you can eat at the counter of the chef who will prepare the sushi in front of you. It serves traditional sushi and soups that change according to the proposal of the day.
Via dei Serpenti, 27
Tel 06483648
Price: 45 €
{google_map} Via dei Serpenti, 27 Roma{/google_map}

7. Thien Kim [Vietnamese Cuisine]
It is not easy to find a Vietnamese restaurant in Rome. In this restaurant you will be served by the gestures measured and polite waiters. They are light and tasty dishes such as soup flavored with coriander and lime exotic name “paradise island green.” If sometimes you’ll have to ask her chopsticks.
Via Giulia 201
Tel 0668307832
Price: 30 €
{google_map} via Giulia 201, 27 Roma{/google_map}

8. Mandarin [Chinese Food]
Good Chinese food and quaint atmosphere. The feature of this is that some local dishes such as ravioli and fried rice with curry, fresh ingredients are cooked instantly.
Address: Via Emilia, 85
Tel 06486635
Price: 30 €
{google_map} via Emilia, 85 Roma{/google_map}

9. Hua Qiao [Chinese Food]
One of the best Chinese restaurants in Rome. Terms neighborhood that is not great, but worth it. Authentic dishes and even the fish is fresh (crab and jellyfish at all). The dishes are special and will not find them in many other Chinese restaurants in Rome. The owners are attentive and friendly and it is useful to ask them about the menu. Mostly frequented by the Chinese. The menu features many dishes that are not normally found elsewhere with dishes of tripe or duck tongue, while for fish eel, carp and jellyfish.
Via Giolitti 189
Tel: 064468356
Price: 25-35 €
{google_map} Via Giolitti 189 Roma{/google_map}

10. Mekong [Vietnamese Cuisine]
This Vietnamese restaurant is located in the peripheral zone near the Metro station B Furio Camillo.
Iottimi serves moderately priced dishes. The owner is friendly and has experience as lived in Asia.
Via Enea 56 / A, 00181 Rome, Italy
Tel (+39) 06 782 5247
Price: 19 € – 29 €
{google_map} Via Enea 56/A, 00181 Roma{/google_map}

11. Somo [Japanese Cuisine]
Very nice restaurant with the ability to eat sitting on comfortable sofas and coffee tables. Two types of menus: a traditional one, based on sushi and sashimi, and one of the most fashionable dishes with short cooking
Address: Via G. Mameli, 5
Tel 065882060
Price from: 40 €
{google_map} via G. Mameli, 5 Roma{/google_map}

11. Kenko Contemporay [Japanese]
Once it was known as Sushi Ko and now has changed names and management. The kitchen is “contemporary” and that from non-traditional space to the imagination. A little pricey.
Address: via degli Irpini, 8
Tel 0644340948,
price 45 €.
{google_map} via degli Irpini, 8 Roma{/google_map}

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