In Rome, the Caput Mundi Burlesque Award 4th edition, codenamed ATLANTIC CITY EDITION

caput-miundi_burlsque-award-rome_2016During these days there is an event in town that shocked the Rome capital. A collegiate and sensual event that throws us into a state of stupor. Listening to those who have participated in past editions we understand that the urban legend call us that once crossed the threshold of Burlesque the people no longer wants to go home early, given the state of happiness and stupor which they are assailed.
Some call it “daze of the serious ones, the real ones and pure“.  It would be more accurate to call it “The hangover “, but this term does not make a good idea including the fun that mixes the grandeur, opulence and soaked eroticism funny soul of Burlesque, so this event become the largest in Italy. 

There are many ingredients that drunk fans, elements that entertain and impress the imagination,  the taste buds of spicy and not only …. Classic & Neo burlesque, Circus, Vamp, Pin up, Glass Show are just some of the symbols spoken to CAPUT MUNDI INTERNATIONAL BURLESQUE AWARD 2016.

Now in its fourth edition, this festival of yesteryear has grown exponentially since its first edition, and the focus of this event is now distributed worldwide. Rome is a city of art, city of mystery, the city of popes and power, but during this handful of days will be known as the Rome of burlesque, ironic, free and sensual.

4-5-6 November 2016, Spazio 900  will host shows and performers and will be the new house of Caput. Spazio Novecento will host more than 30 burlesque performer divided between Newcomers, International Showcase and Revue.

lady-flo_roma-caput-mundi-burlesque-awardThe international fervor is plenty to admire artists coming from every corner of the world.
Special guest will be the presenter Lady Flo ( accompanied by an equally sublime jury. Directly from the romantic France, where the burlesque has had its birthplace, she’ll fascinate the audience with his extraordinary personality and will be the MC of excellence, one who will lead the public Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Lady Flo, Super sexy burlesque and provicative gaze is one of the most acclaimed and sought frontlady world burlesque scene, will mark the rhythm of the evening dedicated to ‘International Showcase & Guest Star (click here to see the program).

But the news at Caput never come alone this year since management can boast the honor of having guest stars on the stage of Jett Adore gauge (directly from the last Australian tour of Dita Von Teese), Janet Whistle (top performers and undisputed goddess of fire eating and burlesque circus), Vicky Butterfly (Burlesque Hall of Fame 2016 “Most dazzling dancer”) and Velma Von Bon Bon (Top 10 Burlesque performer in the world in 2014, voted for by the top list of 21th Century Burlesque). burlesque_top-50_2016

Another Mistress of Ceremony sublime is the one who far and wide in the beautiful country and not only spreads the cabaret,  culture shows, and brings his audience to distant memories of style theaterBox Office.vibrissa_burlesqueWe are talking about Vibrissa instead held the reins of the opening night, Friday, November 4, 2016, an evening dedicated to the Newcomers artists. Accompanied by her beau courtesy, the “sciantosoMr. Azzurro Fumo, will be the guide that will transport the audience between a bump and a grind and sinuous movements generously offered by the top eight levers of international burlesque.azzurro-fumo_burlesqueOne of them at the end of the evening will be crowned at the cry of Porca Papessa (Holy Priestess) with more blasphemous than ever and have the ability to access different engagements sponsored by: Nasty BoysVoodoo De LuxeSilk Ribbon Cabaret Team e Burlesque Cabaret Verona

Ma la kermesse non finisce qui.

burlesque-roma-award-2016_dr-sketchy-painting-lab_laboratorio_disegno-dal-vivoBurlesque award move all at the Yellow Bar: Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 17:30 will continue unabated with Dr. Sketchy (, live drawing workshop where some of the selected by the International Showcase will pose performer for a number closed to students.

naked-girls-reading_roma-2016It comes in the evening … that glows red with passion Naked Girls Reading ( to 21.30 hours where three shining beauties enchant a limited audience with their voices and their bodies clothes jewelry. Readings will be prohibited, within a luxurious location located on top of the building that houses the Yellow. Reservations are required and not be faint of heart. Albadoro Gala, Nuit Blanche and Genny Mirtillo await you on warm and comfortable baroque sofa to awaken the senses (intellectual).

Late at night they come down the stairs to the stage of NGR site inside the Yellow Bar where we closed the exhibition of the Golden Eggs Burlesque Revue newborn, the first Italian crew of the burlesque scene composed of:

Azzurro Fumo

Cocò Le Mokò


Jolie Dorr

Imi Silly Noir

Mad Cat

Last but not least … the godmother, creator, undisputed genius of the festival, Albadoro Gala ( will delight us with a performance that needs no explanation.

Cin-Cin and Health. See you at the Caput!


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